G20 Energy Ministers’ Meet: Preserve Our ‘One Earth’, Protect Interests of Our ‘One Family’ and Move Towards a Green ‘One Future’

G20 Energy Ministers’ Meet

The Prime Minister’s address at the G20 Energy Ministers Meet underscored India’s unwavering dedication to clean energy and its determination to lead by example in shaping a sustainable and prosperous future for all.

In a significant address to the G20 Energy Ministers Meet, Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi emphasized the critical role of energy in shaping the future, sustainability, and growth of nations. Addressing the gathering via video message, the Prime Minister welcomed dignitaries from across the globe and underscored the shared goals of countries in achieving a sustainable and clean energy transition.

Prime Minister Modi acknowledged that while each nation’s energy transition journey is unique, the ultimate objective of fostering a cleaner and greener future is the same for all. Highlighting India’s commendable efforts in green growth and energy transformation, he shared that despite being the most populated nation and the fastest-growing large economy globally, India is steadfastly moving towards fulfilling its climate commitments.

Notable among India’s achievements is the country’s successful attainment of its non-fossil installed electric capacity target nine years ahead of schedule. The Prime Minister announced an even more ambitious target of achieving 50 percent non-fossil installed capacity by 2030. India’s status as a global leader in solar and wind power was also celebrated during the event, with delegates witnessing firsthand the level and scale of India’s commitment to clean energy through visits to the Pavagada Solar Park and Modhera Solar Village.

Over the past nine years, India has made significant strides in providing access to clean energy to its citizens. Prime Minister Modi proudly informed the gathering that over 190 million families have been connected with LPG, and every village in the country now has access to electricity. He also expressed India’s commitment to providing piped cooking gas to cover more than 90 percent of the population in the coming years, ensuring inclusive, resilient, equitable, and sustainable energy for all.

The Prime Minister further highlighted some of India’s groundbreaking initiatives in energy conservation. Notably, the country launched the largest LED distribution program in the world in 2015, saving an impressive 45 billion units of energy annually. India’s effort to solarize agricultural pumps, with the world’s largest initiative of its kind, and the projection of 10 million annual sales of domestic electric vehicles by 2030 were also emphasized.

In line with the global movement towards decarbonization, India is actively pursuing Mission Green Hydrogen, aiming to establish itself as a Global Hub for the production, use, and export of Green Hydrogen and its derivatives. The Prime Minister stressed the importance of collective action in advancing sustainable, just, affordable, inclusive, and clean energy transition. He urged the G20 group to prioritize supporting the Global South, ensuring low-cost finance for developing countries, and bridging technology gaps to promote energy security.

Drawing attention to the significance of interconnectivity, the Prime Minister proposed the development of transnational grid interconnections, fostering mutual cooperation with neighboring countries. He invited all participating nations to join the Green Grids Initiative of the International Solar Alliance, with the vision of “One Sun, One World, One Grid.”

Prime Minister Modi concluded his address by emphasizing the importance of preserving our planet, safeguarding the interests of humanity, and collectively working towards a greener and sustainable future. He stressed that India’s traditional wisdom strengthens the nation’s commitment to Mission LiFE – Lifestyle for Environment, a movement aimed at making every individual a climate champion.

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