TRAI Releases Draft Telecommunication Consumers Education & Protection Fund (6th Amendment) Regulation, 2023 for Comments

TRAI Releases Draft Telecommunication Consumers Education & Protection Fund (6th Amendment) Regulation, 2023 for Comments

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has recently unveiled the draft Telecommunication Consumers Education and Protection Fund (Sixth Amendment) Regulation, 2023, inviting valuable feedback from stakeholders. This move aims to strengthen consumer protection measures in the ever-evolving telecommunications sector.

The roots of the Telecommunication Consumers Education and Protection Fund can be traced back to June 15, 2007, when the TRAI initially notified the Telecommunication Consumers Education and Protection Fund Regulations, 2007 (6 of 2007). This regulation established the “Telecommunication Consumers Education and Protection Fund” (TCEPF), which plays a crucial role in safeguarding consumer interests within the industry.

One of the key objectives of the TCEPF is to allocate its income towards initiatives that educate and raise awareness among consumers. These initiatives include Consumer Outreach Programmes, seminars, workshops, and the development of educational materials, among others.

The responsibility for planning and executing these activities lies with the Committee for Utilisation of Telecommunication Consumers Education and Protection Fund (CUTCEF), which is set up under the regulations.

To ensure transparency and efficiency in managing the fund, the TRAI proposes to amend regulations 06 and 13 of the principal regulations. These amendments seek to address the need for expenditure related to the preparation, maintenance, and audit of accounts, as well as the participation of representatives from consumer groups in CUTCEF meetings. By addressing these aspects, the TRAI aims to streamline the fund’s utilization process and further enhance its positive impact on consumers.

The draft regulation also takes into account recent developments that have affected the TCEPF. In particular, during 2020, the Corporation Bank, responsible for maintaining the TCEPF, underwent a merger with the Union Bank of India.

Additionally, the Consumer Protection Act of 1986 (68 of 1986) was replaced by the Consumer Protection Act of 2019 (35 of 2019). Consequently, the draft amendment incorporates relevant changes to align with these updates and ensure the regulations remain up-to-date.

In a bid to promote transparency and inclusivity, the draft regulation is now accessible for public review on the TRAI’s official website, All stakeholders, including consumers, industry experts, and concerned organizations, are invited to submit their comments and suggestions on the proposed amendment until August 14, 2023.

TRAI’s initiative to solicit public input reflects its commitment to making informed decisions that benefit consumers and enhance their experiences in the telecommunications domain. With these proposed amendments, the regulator seeks to reinforce the TCEPF’s effectiveness as a mechanism for consumer education, protection, and empowerment in the rapidly evolving telecommunications landscape.

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