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AI’s Memory-Forming Mechanism Mirrors the Intricacies of the Human Brain

Researchers from the Institute for Basic Science (IBS)’s Center for Cognition and Sociality and Data Science Group have discovered an unexpected similarity between the hippocampus of the human brain and the memory processing mechanisms of artificial intelligence (AI) models.

IASST Scientists Develop Optically Active Biodegradable Polymer-Nanocomposite Films

A research team from the Institute of Advanced Study in Science and Technology (IASST), Guwahati, has successfully fabricated an optically active biodegradable nanocomposite film with exceptional mechanical properties.

New Study Reveals Intriguing Link Between Brain Waves & Memory

The human brain is a marvel of complexity, and understanding its inner workings continues to be a fascinating journey for researchers. One of the latest discoveries in the field of neuroscience sheds light on the relationship between brain waves and memory.

Unveiling African Origins: Ancient DNA Confirms Early Presence of Cattle in Americas

A recent study utilizing ancient DNA analysis has found a surprising revelation – the early presence of cattle from Africa in the Americas, long before official records documented their arrival.

Unearthing Earth’s Past: Indian Scientists Discover Ancient Ocean in Himalayas

Scientists from the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) in Bengaluru, in collaboration with researchers from Niigata University, Japan, have made a remarkable discovery in the Himalayas.

Mars Study Reveals Diverse Organic Material & Life-Supporting Potential

The study’s findings reveal a more complex organic geochemical system on Mars than previously thought, suggesting the presence of multiple reservoirs of potentially life-supporting organic compounds.