Ayodhya Gears Up for Grand Ram Temple Consecration Ceremony

Ayodhya Gears Up for Grand Ram Temple Consecration Ceremony

Ayodhya, a city steeped in religious history, is buzzing with activity as it prepares for the momentous consecration ceremony of the Ram Temple on January 22. The event is expected to draw a massive influx of visitors in the following month, prompting extensive preparations to ensure a smooth and safe experience for all.

Officials announced on Wednesday a comprehensive plan, including the deployment of 500 stationary temporary toilets, 30 mobile toilets, an additional 1,500 safai mitras (cleaning staff), 50 mela sarthis (guides), 22 water kiosks, 50 water tanks, two temporary hospitals, 16 primary health camps, and 62 ambulances, including 12 Advanced Life Support vehicles. This large-scale mobilization aims to manage the anticipated crowds and traffic efficiently.

In addition to local resources, officials from various departments and districts, including Kanpur, Sultanpur, Lucknow, Basti, Bahraich, and Varanasi, are being enlisted to assist with crowd and traffic management, ensuring the convenience of the visitors.

To avert any untoward incidents and address emergencies, an extensive plan will be implemented starting January 15. Special emphasis is being placed on cleanliness, with nearly 1,500 safai mitras, in addition to existing workers, enlisted for drain coverage and sanitation efforts.

Ayodhya Mayor Girish Tripathi emphasized, “We have prepared tent cities for guests,” detailing the arrangements that include drinking water kiosks, water tanks, permanent and temporary toilets, and a sector-wise management plan. The area has been divided into 10 sectors to streamline deployment and management.

The action plan for civic amenities includes 1,000 permanent toilets, 500 temporary toilets, and 30 mobile toilets, set to remain in place for at least two months after the consecration ceremony. Alongside the deployment of cleaning staff, an additional 1,500 safai mitras have been appointed for a six-month period, starting mid-January.

To cater to the needs of visitors, 50 drinking water tanks, 22 drinking water kiosks, and 25 ‘May I help you’ kiosks will be established. Additionally, around 300 places will be equipped with gas heaters to combat the cold weather.

For accommodation, three tent cities have been developed by the civic body to house 5,000 people. Another tent city has been approved to accommodate more individuals, complementing the tent cities established by the Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Teerth Kshetra and private agencies.

An extensive health care and management plan has been prepared by the state government, featuring the deployment of over 200 doctors, specialists, nursing staff, and Class IV employees. Two temporary hospitals with a total of 30 beds are ready for the ceremony, equipped with medical officers, pharmacists, and Class IV employees.

Primary health camps will be set up at various locations, ensuring the safety and well-being of visitors. Ambulances, including Advanced Life Support vehicles, will be strategically placed to handle emergencies.

To handle emergencies effectively, blood banks in Ayodhya have been stocked with 1,600 ready blood bags, and control rooms are being established at key hospitals in Ayodhya and Lucknow. As Ayodhya readies itself for this historic event, the comprehensive plan reflects a commitment to ensuring the well-being and safety of all participants and visitors.

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