International Financial Services Centres Authority (IFSCA) Signs MoU with BITS Pilani PIEDS Finxcelerator

International Financial Services Centres Authority (IFSCA) Signs MoU with BITS Pilani PIEDS Finxcelerator

The International Financial Services Centers Authority (IFSCA) and PIEDS BITS Pilani signed a Memorandum of Understanding today at the BITS Pilani PIEDS Finxcelerator, Pilani Campus in Rajasthan.

This Memorandum of Understanding intends to provide a framework for collaboration and understanding between IFSCA and BITS Pilani PIEDS Finxcelerator in order to collaborate in supporting and facilitating FinTech and TechFin businesses.

The IFSCA is in charge of developing and regulating international financial services, particularly those in the insurance industry, in the IFSC, which is considered as a separate international financial jurisdiction separate from the rest of India.

IFSCA intends to establish a strong worldwide connection while focusing on the demands of the Indian economy, as well as to function as a regional/global international financial platform.

TBI BITS Pilani Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Society (PIEDS) Pilani Campus is a non-profit organization with efforts in incubation, acceleration, seed funding, and innovation. PIEDS has helped over 170 firms, incubated 132 others, and funded 62 others.

We seek to give DeepTech Innovations with world-class support by bringing superior tech laboratories, mentoring specialists, product innovation, and acceleration programs. We have professional mentors in the fields of defense and aerospace, robotics, IoT, and other related fields.

This MoU will allow for cooperation and collaboration on a variety of FinTech activities. FinTechs registered with BITS Pilani PIEDS may be able to apply to IFSCA’s Regulatory and Innovation Sandbox and the IFSCA (FinTech Incentive) Scheme, 2022.

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