Paris Viva Tech Event 2023: Garuda Aerospace Unveils Drone Technology & Global Expansion Plans

Garuda Aerospace

Garuda Aerospace, a prominent drone technology company in India, recently took part in the esteemed Viva Technology Event 2023, which is Europe’s largest tech and startup summit held in Paris, France from June 14th to 17th. The Government of India extended an exclusive invitation to Garuda Aerospace, recognizing it as one of the top startups in the country, to represent India as part of the esteemed Indian Delegation at the event.

Viva Technology, renowned as the premier global event for technology and innovation, attracted a staggering attendance of 91,000 participants from 146 countries. Garuda Aerospace stood out among a select group of only 10 drone startups worldwide, alongside 20 startups representing various sectors from India.

During Viva Technology, Garuda Aerospace showcased its revolutionary VAYU drone, specifically designed for mapping and surveying purposes. The VAYU drone boasts impressive capabilities, including a payload capacity of 1.5 kg, a maximum take-off weight of 13.5 kg, and a high-resolution 20 MP camera that provides unparalleled clarity and precision for capturing detailed images and data during mapping and surveying missions. With a remarkable range of 150 km and a flying speed of 27 m/s, the VAYU drone represents a game-changing advancement in unmanned aerial technology.

Agnishwar Jayaprakash, the Founder and CEO of Garuda Aerospace, expressed his excitement about the event, stating, “Being part of the Indian Delegation at Viva Technology is a tremendous honor for Garuda Aerospace. As the drone ecosystem rapidly develops, we are attracting global companies who rely on Indian Drone Solutions. Make in India Drones have become the preferred choice for global companies, especially Garuda Kisan Drones, which deliver outstanding results in agricultural production.”

Jayaprakash further added, “Global partnerships will enhance our capabilities and improve overall productivity for drone services. This will contribute to the development of world-class technologies and innovations while providing solutions to our customers. Our plan is to expand to 100 countries within the next 12 months and export 10,000 drones, with 100 drones each to 100 countries by the end of this year, thus representing India and contributing to the country’s reputation as a hub for technological advancements.”

Raghavendra Ravichandran, the Chief of Staff at Garuda Aerospace, shared his thoughts on the event, stating, “Being selected as one of the 20 startups from India, amidst tough competition, highlights the exceptional quality and ingenuity of our technology. Viva Technology has provided us with an excellent platform to network, collaborate, and establish strategic partnerships, propelling Garuda Aerospace into new realms of success.”

Garuda Aerospace’s participation in Viva Technology 2023 serves as a testament to the company’s pioneering work in the drone industry, solidifying its position as a global player. The invitation to the event was extended exclusively to startups with truly innovative technology, recommended by their respective countries.

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