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Rocket Lab Announces Key Supplier Agreements for Military Satellite Project

Rocket Lab, a leading aerospace manufacturer, has revealed the crucial suppliers it has selected to bolster its production efforts for 18 satellites destined for the U.S. military. This development marks a significant stride in the company’s involvement in national defense initiatives, particularly its collaboration with the Space Development Agency (SDA) under a substantial $515 million contract.

Supporting the Space Development Agency’s Mission

The satellites are slated to become integral components of the Space Development Agency’s ambitious project, the Transport Layer Tranche 2 Beta. This initiative aims to establish a sophisticated low Earth orbit network, facilitating enhanced communication capabilities for the U.S. military. Scheduled for deployment in mid-2027, this network will play a pivotal role in providing beyond line-of-sight connectivity for military operations.

Strategic Partnerships Unveiled

Rocket Lab’s role as the prime contractor entails overseeing various aspects of satellite production, including integration of payloads and subsystems. Among the key suppliers announced are:

  • CesiumAstro: Providing advanced active electronically scanned array (AESA) radio frequency (RF) communications payloads.
  • Mynaric: Supplying cutting-edge optical communications terminals, crucial for high-speed data transmission.
  • SEAKR Engineering: A subsidiary of Raytheon, tasked with delivering the Tactical Satellite Communications (TACSATCOM) software defined radio and network encryption system.
  • Collins Aerospace: Contributing essential waveform software for the software-defined radio, vital for TACSATCOM transmission and reception.
  • Redwire Space: Supplying antennas and RF hardware, integral for seamless satellite communication.
  • Parsons: Providing the ground system essential for managing the operations of the 18 satellites.

Rocket Lab’s Commitment to Innovation

Brad Clevenger, Rocket Lab’s vice president of space systems, emphasized the company’s strategic vision and readiness to lead in satellite manufacturing. He stated, “As we embark on a new era as a leading satellite prime, we have methodically executed on our strategy of developing and acquiring experienced teams, advanced technology, manufacturing facilities, and a robust spacecraft supply chain to make this possible.”

A Landmark Contract for Rocket Lab

Headquartered in Long Beach, California, Rocket Lab is renowned for its expertise in small-satellite launch services, utilizing its Electron rockets from spaceports in New Zealand and Virginia. However, its expansion into satellite manufacturing has been gaining traction, with the SDA contract marking the company’s most significant endeavor in this domain to date.

Building on Existing Expertise

It’s worth noting that the satellite buses developed for SDA will be derivatives of those Rocket Lab is concurrently developing for the communications company Globalstar, showcasing the company’s ability to leverage existing technologies and expertise across multiple projects.

Rocket Lab’s strategic partnerships and commitment to innovation underscore its pivotal role in advancing national defense capabilities through cutting-edge satellite technology. As production progresses, anticipation builds for the deployment of these critical assets, slated to enhance the operational efficiency of the U.S. military’s communication infrastructure.


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