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Orbex Secures $20.8 Million Series C Extension for Rocket Development

Orbex, a United Kingdom-based company specializing in small launch vehicles, has successfully raised $20.8 million in funding to propel the advancement of its long-awaited rocket project. The investment, announced on April 18, marks a significant milestone for Orbex as it seeks to ramp up efforts to bring its ambitious venture to fruition.

Series C Extension Boosts Financial Arsenal

Building upon a previous Series C round in 2022, which amassed 40 million pounds, Orbex’s latest funding infusion of 16.7 million pounds ($20.8 million) underscores investor confidence in the company’s vision and potential. Notably, a substantial portion of the new capital, totaling 10.5 million pounds, was contributed by existing backer Scottish National Investment Bank. Additional support flowed in from notable venture capital firms such as Octopus Ventures, BGF, Heartcore, and the Export and Investment Fund of Denmark, among others.

Prime: The Vanguard of Orbital Innovation

At the heart of Orbex’s endeavors lies “Prime,” a cutting-edge small launch vehicle designed to ferry payloads of up to 180 kilograms into low Earth orbit. Poised for liftoff from the forthcoming Sutherland Spaceport in northern Scotland, Prime represents a pivotal stride in Europe’s bid for space launch independence. Despite encountering delays in its development timeline, Orbex remains steadfast in its commitment to realizing the full potential of Prime’s capabilities.

Navigating Challenges and Seizing Opportunities

While Orbex grapples with the complexities of bringing Prime to market, the company has weathered leadership transitions and operational adjustments. The departure of founding CEO Chris Larmour paved the way for new leadership under Martin Coates, ushering in a period of strategic recalibration and renewed focus. Bolstering its leadership roster, Orbex welcomed Phillip Chambers as its new chief executive and Miguel Belló Mora as executive chair, positioning the company for strategic growth and operational excellence.

Looking Ahead: Charting a Course for Success

As Orbex sets its sights on the horizon, the company remains cognizant of the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. With the completion of Spaceport Sutherland on the horizon and ongoing efforts to navigate the complexities of space launch operations, Orbex remains steadfast in its commitment to advancing the frontiers of space exploration. As articulated by CEO Phillip Chambers, the additional funding sets the stage for Orbex to transition into an operational launch phase and position itself as a leading player in Europe’s burgeoning orbital launch landscape.

Towards the Future: A Path to Sustainable Growth

As Orbex embarks on the next phase of its journey, the company’s focus shifts towards securing long-term prospects through a forthcoming Series D round. With an unwavering commitment to innovation, excellence, and sustainability, Orbex remains poised to chart a course towards a future where access to space is not just a possibility, but a reality.

In the dynamic realm of space exploration, Orbex stands at the vanguard of innovation, poised to redefine the boundaries of what’s possible and shape the future of humanity’s journey beyond Earth’s confines.


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