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BJP Candidate Addresses Controversy Head-On

In a surprising turn of events, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) candidate Kompella Madhavi Latha, while on a padayatra in Hyderabad’s Old City, faced questions regarding her stance on secularism. The incident occurred when a young Muslim law student, Mir Mukkram Sultan, approached her with a direct inquiry, igniting a candid exchange between the two.

Viral Video Controversy

The encounter was spurred by a viral video depicting Latha seemingly gesturing towards a mosque during a Ram Navami rally in Hyderabad. Amidst controversy, Latha firmly refuted the allegations, asserting that the video was doctored and vehemently denying any intention to target the mosque. Despite criticism from her rival, Asaduddin Owaisi of the All India Majlis-E-Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM), Latha stood her ground, maintaining the authenticity of her version of events.

Transparent Engagement

Sultan’s inquiry extended beyond the video controversy, delving into the implications of Latha’s potential election victory on Hyderabad’s Muslim community. In response, Latha welcomed the questions, emphasizing her commitment to addressing concerns and advocating for marginalized groups, including Pasmanda Muslims.

Grassroots Campaign Strategy

Latha’s proactive engagement with voters, particularly in neglected areas like Hyderabad’s Old City, marks a departure from conventional political strategies. Her focus on door-to-door canvassing and direct interaction with constituents has garnered attention, resonating particularly with women and children in the community.

Addressing Community Concerns

Despite skepticism from some quarters regarding her party’s Hindutva agenda, Latha’s assertive presence has left an impression on residents, with many appreciating her efforts towards community development and empowerment. While opinions remain divided, Latha’s visibility and commitment to grassroots engagement have injected a new dynamic into Hyderabad’s political landscape.

Raising the Stakes: BJP’s Bid for Hyderabad

As Latha continues her campaign trail, her candidacy symbolizes the BJP’s ambitious bid to challenge long-standing political strongholds in Hyderabad. With the Lok Sabha seat historically dominated by AIMIM, Latha’s candidacy represents a significant departure, signaling the BJP’s determination to expand its footprint in the region.

Kompella Madhavi Latha’s candid engagement with voters and unwavering response to controversy underscore her commitment to transparency and grassroots democracy. As the political landscape in Hyderabad undergoes a period of flux, Latha’s candidacy serves as a catalyst for debate and reflection on the city’s future trajectory.


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