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Garuda Aerospace Collaborates with Agriculture Dept of Goa for Conducting Drone Yatra
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Garuda Aerospace Collaborates with Agriculture Dept of Goa for Conducting Drone Yatra

India’s leading drone manufacturer, Garuda Aerospace, is poised to revolutionize agriculture in the country with its cutting-edge Kisan Drones. After the success of the Drone Yatra in various states, the company is now expanding its initiative to Goa, in collaboration with the Directorate of Agriculture, Government of Goa. This joint effort aims to raise awareness and encourage the adoption of drone technology in agriculture.

In 2022, the Drone Yatra 2.0 was flagged off by Union Minister Anurag Thakur, a significant milestone for the project that aims to cover 755 districts across India. The initiative showcases the effectiveness of drones in diverse agricultural applications and highlights the multiple benefits they offer to farmers nationwide.

Garuda Aerospace received a warm welcome from the Directorate of Agriculture in Goa, and their collaboration represents a shared commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology for the advancement of agricultural practices in the state. Through their innovative Kisan Drones, farmers can now employ Nano Urea spraying, optimizing efficiency and productivity.

The Goa Drone Yatra is tailored to empower farmers with knowledge about the latest advancements in precision agriculture. By utilizing Nano Urea spraying through Kisan Drones, farmers can maximize resource usage, minimize environmental impact, and ultimately increase their yield and income. The Drone Yatra is planned to be conducted in 100 villages over the course of one month.

Agnishwar Jayaprakash, Founder and CEO of Garuda Aerospace, expressed his excitement about conducting the Drone Yatra in Goa. Their mission is to empower farmers with cutting-edge technology that will drive sustainable agricultural practices and enhance their livelihoods.

Advanced drone technology will play a vital role in conserving resources, optimizing land use, and contributing to a more sustainable future for India’s agricultural sector. Garuda Aerospace recently secured an order of 400 Agri Kisan Drones from the Indian Farmers Fertilizer Cooperative Limited (IFFCO), and their order book for this year currently stands at 10,000 drones.

Ramkumar, Vice President of Agriculture and Government Affairs at Garuda Aerospace, believes that the Drone Yatra in Goa will be an educational and inspirational event, offering farmers invaluable insights into the limitless possibilities that drones can unlock for their agricultural operations.

Overall, Garuda Aerospace’s Drone Yatra is making significant strides in promoting sustainable agriculture practices across India.


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