Charzer installs Smart EV Charging Stations at World Trade Centre, Bengaluru 

EV Charging Station

Charzer, a leading EV charging station aggregation platform, has installed smart EV charging stations at World Trade Centre, Bengaluru. Located at the ground floor of the multi-level car parking, the dedicated area comprises four fast charging stations for cars and two-wheelers, and they are easily accessible for employees and visitors alike.

EV owners can utilize the charging stations by simply downloading the Charzer app which will provide them access to the charging stations. Whether an employee at WTC, a shopper at Orion Mall, or a visitor to the diverse establishments within the campus, the EV charging zone can be accessed by all electric vehicle owners.

Sitanshu S, Vice President, Facility Management-Brigade Group, said, “With the growing demand from our Occupants and as part of our ESG commitments, we started exploring the market for potential operators keeping in mind 2 key factors, someone who is flexible in their business model and works shoulder to shoulder as a true partner. The ‘Charzer’ team took a keen interest in understanding the ground reality, current EV vehicles on the premise, simulating the growth, and the nearest EV charging facility and eventually presented a business model, which was a win-win for both Brigade and Charzer.  While finalizing, the professional approach and a deep understanding of the customer’s requirements gave them the edge over their competitors”. 

Commenting on the new installations, Sameer Ranjan Jaiswal, CEO and Co-Founder, Charzer, said, “With the rising adoption of EVs in Bengaluru over the past few years, having convenient access to EV charging has become an essential amenity in commercial properties. We are committed to our mission of accelerating EV adoption and are deploying charging stations at zero cost in any commercial location who wants the amenity. We are excited to collaborate with WTC to offer EV owners a seamless and easily accessible EV charging experience. Whether they are working, dining or just taking a stroll in the mall, Charzer’s EV charging zone allows owners to conveniently park and charge their vehicles while engaging in various activities within the campus”

Currently, Charzer is powering more than 19 lakh EV kilometers every month by dispensing 300 Mega Wh of electricity across 250+ cities in India.

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