DeHaat & Global Bio Innovations Unite to Drive Sustainability for Indian Farmers

DeHaat & Global Bio Innovations Unite to Drive Sustainability for Indian Farmers

DeHaat, India’s leading full stack AgriTech platform, has recently forged a strategic alliance with two innovative global biological agri-input firms – GBI (Global BioAg Innovations) and Aussan Laboratories.

This collaboration marks a significant milestone in DeHaat’s mission to provide sustainable solutions to Indian farmers. Having already partnered with over 250 agri companies, offering more than 3000 agri input SKUs, this is the first time DeHaat is expanding its reach to global IPs.

Under this multi-year partnership, DeHaat will have exclusive distribution and sales rights for six unique formulations patented by GBI and Aussan Labs. These products will be made available through DeHaat’s extensive network of 12,000 franchise centers, which cover 110,000 villages across 12 Indian states, benefiting over 2 million farmers.

The primary objective of this association is to empower farmers with effective products and knowledge to combat changing climatic conditions and adopt sustainable agricultural practices. The cutting-edge products offered by GBI and Aussan Labs are designed to improve soil health and protect crops from the adverse effects of climate change. With four such global innovations already in their portfolio, DeHaat aims to introduce more transformative agricultural solutions to Indian farmers.

Amrendra Singh, Co-founder of DeHaat, expressed excitement about the partnership, emphasizing their commitment to revolutionizing the Indian agricultural ecosystem and delivering eco-friendly products to farmers. Roger Tripathi, CEO of GBI, shared his eagerness to collaborate with DeHaat in making Indian agriculture more sustainable, focusing on soil and plant health. Sandeep Jayaswal, CEO of Aussan India, highlighted their passion for removing toxic chemicals from agriculture and repairing damaged farm soils in harmony with nature.

Aussan Labs’ flagship product, ‘CropBioLife,’ has a proven track record, having been developed after extensive research and trials conducted across the globe. With certifications in multiple geographies and several patents, the product will now be exclusively available in India through the DeHaat network.

DeHaat’s unique 360-degree agricultural value chain services enable them to understand farmer requirements efficiently and transparently. As a result, they have built a network of two million transacting farmers, offering various agri-related services such as agri input, soil testing, crop advisory, financial services, and output market linkage.

Incorporating climate-resilient agri practices into their recommendations has become vital due to the volatile climatic conditions, leading to significant yield losses. GBI and Aussan solutions have undergone rigorous testing on various crops across DeHaat’s operating regions, proving to enhance income by 40-60% through improved soil fertility, increased crop shelf life, and enhanced plant immunity.

This news comes at a time when many global agri-input companies view India as a target market due to its large farming population, robust sector growth, increased technology adoption, and growing interest in sustainable agricultural products among Indian farmers.

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