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Resham & Khadi Fashion Show: Khadi & Silk Designs Dazzle at UP State Mega Expo
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Resham and Khadi Fashion Show: Khadi & Silk Designs Dazzle at UP State Mega Expo

The ‘Resham and Khadi Fashion Show’ took center stage during the U.P. State Mega Expo, held at the Indira Gandhi Pratishthan, and left the audience in awe of the designers’ creativity. The event, graced by the presence of U.P. Minister Rakesh Sachan and prominent personalities like Padma Shri folk singer Malini Awasthi, showcased exquisite khadi and silk creations on the runway.

Renowned fashion designers Asma Hussain and Aditi Jaggi Rastogi curated the show, which featured well-known models displaying bridal looks and innovative designs. Asma Hussain, a designer and dedicated social activist, presented a captivating segment that drew inspiration from scenes in the Ramayana. Her commitment to handloom, handicrafts, and Awadhi art and culture extends beyond the world of fashion.

Hussain is the founder of the Asma Hussain Institute of Fashion Technology, Uttar Pradesh’s first fashion technology institute. Her mission includes providing free training to underprivileged women, with over 9,000 trainees benefiting from her mentorship. She has also created employment opportunities for thousands, showcasing her profound understanding of intricate designs, textiles, and fabrics in her work.

Aditi Rastogi, on the other hand, focuses on globalizing khadi and collaborates with local weavers to offer them sustainable livelihoods. Her goal is to make khadi appealing to all generations and create contemporary styles that resonate with a wide audience. Through her work, Rastogi aims to establish khadi as a fashion statement and involve individuals with limited means in earning a living.

The event’s chief guest, Rakesh Sachan, serves as the cabinet minister for MSME, khadi, village industries, sericulture, and textiles. The presence of Padma Shri folk singer Malini Awasthi and other prominent figures added to the grandeur of the occasion.

The ‘Resham and Khadi’ fashion show transcended traditional fashion displays. The presentation and models’ walk down the catwalk, accompanied by spiritual music, evoked the essence of Lord Shri Ram in Ayodhya. The renowned Sarvesh Asthana also entertained the audience with his humor and satire, enriching the overall experience.

The fashion show featured the creations of Lucknow’s famous designers, Mrs. Asma Hussain and Aditi Jaggi Rastogi, presented through well-known models. Special guests, including Namrata Pathak, the wife of Deputy Chief Minister Brajesh Pathak, and renowned playback singer Malini Awasthi, graced the event.

Dr. Gaurang Majumdar, Dr. Aditya Kapoor, Prerana Kapoor, and Itishree Mishra also participated in the event. The fashion show was directed by Lokesh Sharma, and AR Ramesh Kumar, Principal Secretary of the UP Silk Department, and Sunil Kumar Verma, Special Secretary and Director, were also present.

The chief models of the fashion show included Miss India Runner-Up and supermodel Pankhudi Gidwani, supermodel Deepti Gujral, Iris Maity, and IAS Ritu Suhas (as Sita). The ‘Resham and Khadi Fashion Show’ not only celebrated the richness of khadi and silk but also showcased the designers’ commitment to uplifting the underprivileged and preserving traditional art forms.

This display of fashion, culture, and social responsibility left a lasting impression on the audience and reinforced the importance of sustainable and inclusive fashion.

The United Impacts-UI Newz Team had the privilege of meeting with Mr. Rakesh Sachan, Cabinet Minister in the Ministry of MSME, Khadi, Village Industries, Sericulture, Textile, Government of Uttar Pradesh. Our dynamic team went the extra mile to capture every moment of the ‘Resham and Khadi Fashion Show’ during the U.P. State Mega Expo, guaranteeing you a comprehensive coverage of this grand event.

-Founder, United Impacts Group


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