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Modi’s Changing Rhetoric: A Shift Away from ‘Ab ki baar, 400 paar’

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s campaign rallies have notably featured fewer mentions of the rallying cry ‘Ab ki baar, 400 paar,’ according to an analysis conducted by ThePrint. This shift in rhetoric has sparked speculation and raised questions about the strategic direction of Modi’s campaign.

Analysis of Modi’s Speeches

ThePrint’s analysis, encompassing over 80 public meetings since the Election Commission of India announced the election schedule on March 16, sheds light on Modi’s dwindling use of the slogan. Prior to his recent reference to it in West Bengal, Modi had refrained from mentioning ‘400 paar’ since April 24, a hiatus spanning several public addresses.

Opposition Allegations and Modi’s Response

Opposition parties have seized upon the slogan, alleging that achieving ‘400 paar’ implies a majority substantial enough to amend the Constitution. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi accused the BJP of harboring intentions to dismantle constitutional safeguards. In response, Modi has vehemently denied such claims, accusing the Congress of fostering religious division.

Frequency of Usage

The analysis reveals a marked decline in Modi’s invocation of ‘Ab ki baar, 400 paar’ since the commencement of voting. While the slogan featured prominently in his early rallies, its frequency dwindled significantly as the election progressed. Notably, Modi referenced the slogan 110 times in 45 public meetings held between March 16 and April 19.

Shift in Campaign Focus

Insights from BJP insiders suggest a deliberate shift in campaign strategy. As the Opposition amplifies concerns over constitutional amendments, Modi’s emphasis has pivoted to address these accusations directly. BJP spokesperson R.P. Singh contends that the shift reflects a proactive response to Opposition tactics.

Voter Turnout Concerns

Meanwhile, concerns mount over declining voter turnout, particularly in the initial phases of the election. Analysts speculate that the BJP’s reassessment of its messaging may stem from these early indicators. Political analyst Rahul Verma suggests that the party may be recalibrating its approach in response to evolving perceptions and electoral dynamics.

As Modi’s campaign navigates the complexities of electoral rhetoric and strategic messaging, the diminishing prominence of ‘Ab ki baar, 400 paar’ underscores the fluidity of political discourse. With the election landscape evolving rapidly, the BJP‘s recalibration may signal a nuanced approach aimed at addressing emerging challenges and consolidating voter support.


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