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Rise and Fall of Bikaner BJP Minority Morcha Chief: Usman Ghani’s Journey

Usman Ghani, recently expelled from his position as Bikaner BJP minority morcha chief, has a history of successful party initiatives. He organized one of the minority morcha’s largest conventions, notably on Kalam’s birth anniversary in 2021, drawing praise from party leaders across Rajasthan.

Ghani’s contributions extended beyond conventions. He orchestrated flower showers during the BJP’s annual Hindu Dharma yatra in Bikaner, fostering communal harmony. He also actively campaigned for Union Minister Arjun Ram Meghwal during the Lok Sabha polls and conducted community meetings during assembly elections.

Despite his dedication, Ghani faced criticism within the party for his vocal opposition to certain BJP leaders’ anti-Muslim rhetoric. His recent detention for obstructing a police vehicle search further heightened tensions.

Former minority morcha president Mohammed Mumtaz Bhatti highlighted Ghani’s struggle to balance party loyalty with personal convictions. Bhatti emphasized the importance of maintaining decorum while acknowledging the challenges faced by minority members within the BJP.

Impact of Modi’s Remarks

Ghani’s expulsion came after he criticized Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s controversial comments regarding the Congress party’s alleged policies towards Muslims. The remarks stirred further discontent within the minority community and strained party efforts to appeal to diverse voter demographics.

Leaders within the BJP’s national minority morcha acknowledged the difficulty of engaging with minority voters in light of divisive statements from party figures. They expressed concerns that such rhetoric undermines efforts to build trust within minority communities, hindering the BJP’s electoral prospects.

As Ghani’s expulsion underscores tensions within the party, the BJP faces the ongoing challenge of balancing its electoral strategies with its commitment to inclusivity. The incident serves as a reminder of the complexities inherent in navigating religious and political dynamics within India’s diverse landscape.


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