PM Launches Amrit Bharat Stations Scheme: 508 Railway Stations to be Revamped at Rs 24,470 Crores

PM Lays Foundation Stone for Revamping 508 Railway Stations Nationwide Worth Over Rs 24,470 Crores

Amrit Bharat Stations Scheme: In a historic move, Prime Minister Narendra Modi initiated the redevelopment of 508 railway stations across India via video conferencing today. This ambitious project, expected to cost more than Rs 24,470 crores, is set to transform the face of Indian Railways and provide a much-needed modern makeover to the country’s railway infrastructure.

Spread across 27 states and union territories, the redevelopment will include stations in major cities and remote regions alike. Addressing the virtual gathering, Prime Minister Modi hailed the initiative as a significant step towards realizing the goal of a developed India.

He emphasized the importance of modernity and sustainability in the project, which will transform these stations into “Amrit Bharat Stations,” blending contemporary amenities with India’s rich cultural heritage.

The Prime Minister expressed his gratitude to the citizens of India for their support and congratulated the Ministry of Railways for spearheading this historic project. The redeveloped stations, part of the “Amrit Bharat” campaign, will serve as a reflection of India’s rich heritage while offering modern facilities to travelers.

With the redevelopment of nearly 1300 prime railway stations in the pipeline, this project is expected to revitalize the nation’s railway system and bolster economic activities in the areas surrounding these stations.

Highlighting the government’s commitment to environmental sustainability, Prime Minister Modi underscored that Indian Railways would achieve 100 percent rail line electrification soon, ensuring that all trains run solely on electricity.

The Prime Minister also applauded the installation of solar panels at over 1200 railway stations, expressing the government’s aim to produce green energy from every station in the near future. He further revealed that the government is working towards ensuring that India’s entire railway network runs on net-zero emissions by 2030.

The redevelopment project will not only improve connectivity but also create employment opportunities for the country’s youth. The Prime Minister emphasized that investment in infrastructure has resulted in jobs for over 1.5 lakh youth, and the government is actively promoting employment through initiatives such as the Rozgar Mela.

Drawing parallels to India’s history, Prime Minister Modi highlighted the month of August as a time of revolution and change. He urged citizens to support the nation’s development and strive for a Vocal for Local movement, celebrating the rich diversity of Indian culture and promoting locally made products.

Touching on the government’s economic policies, the Prime Minister stressed that the tax paid by citizens is now being used efficiently for nation-building. He noted that an increasing number of people are filing income tax returns, indicating growing trust in the government and the country’s economic progress.

The redevelopment of 508 railway stations marks a significant milestone in India’s infrastructure development journey. With this transformative project, Indian Railways is set to embrace modernity, preserving its cultural heritage while facilitating the nation’s growth and progress.

As the country looks ahead to a brighter future, Prime Minister Modi’s visionary approach and dedication to nation-building continue to inspire a new India that is proud of its heritage and embraces modern aspirations.

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