Indian Farmer Ravichandran Vanchinatha Iyer Recognized as Climate Positive Leader by Corteva Agriscience

Corteva agriscience

The program aims to acknowledge the role of sustainable agricultural practices and recognizes farmers that successfully advocate and embrace eco-friendly practices.

Corteva Agriscience, a global pioneer in agricultural solutions, announced the India winner for its Climate Positive Leaders Program. The recipients are early adopter producers who are successfully implementing, scaling, and sharing climate-positive practices. Ravichandran Vanchinatha Iyer, an accomplished Indian farmer from Tamil Nadu, India is the recipient of this recognition.

In its first year in India, the program aims to honor the farmers who have made a measurable impact in advancing climate positive agriculture and share their stories for the benefit of farmers and all food system stakeholders around the world. In the face of mounting concerns over climate change and the imperative for sustainable solutions, Corteva remains at the forefront of advocating and facilitating innovative practices that bridge agricultural productivity with environmental conservation.

Ravichandran_Vanchinatha_Iyer_On Field Corteva

Ravichandran farms in the southern state of Tamil Nadu, India, where he produces crops like rice, cotton, pulses, and sugarcane. Leveraging the guidance of agriculture scientists, public and private research institutes, universities, private-sector researchers, and fellow farmers, he has focused much of his efforts on growing eco-friendly rice through better irrigation management.

By adopting good agronomic practices with more emphasis on drip irrigation methods, improved use of fertilizers, intercropping, and strategic selection of rice varietals, he has demonstrated a 50 percent reduction in water consumption, as well as reducing methane emissions and lessening his carbon footprint. Furthermore, he employs a zero-plastic waste/zero pollution strategy in his farming approach. He converts vegetative waste into mulch, enriching the soil with organic carbon and reducing urea use.

Ravichandran’s efforts embody the core values of Corteva, which prioritize sustainable agriculture. His achievements stand as a testament to the idea that sustainability can be achieved without compromising profitability or productivity.  Ravichandran will receive a lifetime membership to the Global Farmer Network (GFN), in addition to training and in-person participation in the Global Farmer Roundtable.

Corteva’s dedication to fostering sustainable agricultural solutions finds its embodiment in farmers like Ravichandran, whose tireless efforts ignite transformation, foster resilience, and pave the way for a greener, more sustainable future.

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