DPIIT Invites Applications for ‘One District One Product’ Awards till July 31, 2023

DPIIT Invites Applications for ‘One District One Product’ Awards till July 31, 2023

In its unwavering commitment to promoting balanced regional development, the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT) has proudly introduced the One District One Product (ODOP) Awards. This esteemed recognition was launched on June 15th via the Rashtriya Puraskar portal, aligning with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision for a prosperous and inclusive India.

The ODOP Awards aim to honor and acknowledge individuals and entities that have exhibited exceptional achievements within their respective districts, states, union territories, and international missions by implementing the ODOP approach, which facilitates economic development.

The primary objectives of these awards are threefold. Firstly, they seek to encourage constructive competition, innovation, and efficient public service delivery in successful ODOP interventions. By fostering healthy competition, the awards aspire to drive innovation and facilitate the delivery of quality public services.

Secondly, the ODOP Awards aim to promote the replication and institutionalization of best practices through the sharing of experiences. By recognizing and showcasing successful ODOP initiatives, the awards hope to inspire others to adopt similar approaches, thus enabling the widespread adoption of best practices across the nation.

Lastly, the awards aim to acknowledge innovations that have effectively identified and resolved bottlenecks in the supply chain of ODOP products. By highlighting innovations that have improved the accessibility and market reach of ODOP products, the awards encourage the implementation of creative solutions and the enhancement of supply chain efficiency.

The application process for the ODOP Awards commenced on June 25th, 2023, and will remain open until July 31st, 2023. All states, union territories, district administrations, and Indian missions abroad are eligible to participate in the awards and are strongly encouraged to submit their applications.

The DPIIT emphasizes the active involvement and participation of district administrations, state administrations, and missions abroad in applying for the awards. By doing so, they can serve as exemplars, inspiring innovation and effective public service delivery under the ODOP framework.

The ODOP program aligns with the vision of an AatmaNirbhar Bharat (self-reliant India) envisioned by Prime Minister Modi. As part of this vision, various ministries of the Indian government have undertaken numerous initiatives. One such initiative is the ODOP program, spearheaded by the DPIIT.

The ODOP program seeks to drive socio-economic development across all districts of the country. It aims to identify and promote one unique product from each district, establishing it as a brand and enhancing its market accessibility. The program also aims to address challenges in the supply chains of these ODOP products, thereby increasing their export potential.

Through comprehensive interventions, the ODOP program seeks to improve all aspects of a district’s development. By focusing on enhancing products, uplifting the lives of producers, and streamlining processes, the program aims to foster holistic growth and prosperity.

With the launch of the ODOP Awards, the DPIIT continues to propel the vision of balanced regional development and economic empowerment championed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. These awards will serve as a catalyst for innovation, collaboration, and the realization of the true potential of One District One Product initiatives across India.

Link to apply for the award ishttps://awards.gov.in/Home/AwardLibrary

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