A Fascinating Discovery: Deep Sea Octopus Nursery Discovered off Costa Rica

Deep Sea Octopus Nursery

In an awe-inspiring expedition led by Dr. Beth Orcutt and Dr. Jorge Cortes, a team of international scientists has unveiled a remarkable secret hidden beneath the ocean’s depths.

They have discovered a new deep sea octopus nursery off the coast of Costa Rica, shedding light on the mysterious world of these fascinating creatures.

Located over 2,800 meters below the sea surface, this extraordinary nursery marks only the third known brooding site ever discovered. The findings have not only astonished the scientific community but also reinforced the theory that certain species of deep-sea octopuses are drawn to low-temperature hydrothermal vents as ideal environments for brooding their eggs.

Guided by Dr. Beth Orcutt from the Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences in the United States and Dr. Jorge Cortes from the University of Costa Rica, 18 international scientists embarked on their remarkable expedition aboard the Schmidt Ocean Institute’s research vessel Falkor. This collaborative effort demonstrates the global importance placed on understanding the wonders of our oceans.

The scientists believe that the octopuses found in this nursery may potentially represent a new species within the Muusoctopus genus. These medium-sized octopuses lack an ink sac and have provided scientists with a unique opportunity to witness their remarkable hatching process. This observation marks the first time female octopuses have been observed gathering together to brood their eggs, unveiling a previously unseen aspect of their behaviour.

Octopus Odyssey ( Credit: Schmidt Ocean )

Interestingly, the Dorado Outcrop nursery, initially discovered in 2013, was the first documented instance of female octopuses gathering together for brooding purposes. However, during the initial exploration of the site, no developing embryos were observed. This recent discovery in the same location further solidifies the significance of the area as a critical habitat for these remarkable creatures.

Established in 2009 by Wendy and Eric Schmidt, the Schmidt Ocean Institute is dedicated to supporting scientific research focused on the ocean. Dr. Jyotika Virmani, the institute’s Executive Director, highlights the importance of this finding, emphasizing the vast amount we have yet to learn about the ocean and the need to continue exploring its depths.

In addition to the octopus nursery, the expedition unveiled five previously undiscovered seamounts in the northwestern waters of Costa Rica. This exploration yielded numerous encounters with animals, many of which are suspected to be new species. Such discoveries showcase the richness and diversity of marine life in this region, underscoring the importance of ongoing scientific efforts.

The recent discovery of a deep-sea octopus nursery off the coast of Costa Rica opens a window into the hidden world of these mysterious creatures. As we delve further into the ocean’s depths, we continue to unravel its secrets, reminding us of the vast wonders that await our exploration.


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