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Dubai Rains Cause Chaos

Heavy rainfall in Dubai has sparked chaos across the city, with severe flooding leading to submerged vehicles and disrupted daily life in the United Arab Emirates. As images and videos flood social media platforms depicting the extent of the damage, authorities have swiftly responded by closing schools and implementing remote work arrangements to ensure public safety.

Anand Mahindra’s Controversial Comparison

Amidst the deluge, renowned Indian entrepreneur Anand Mahindra ignited a debate on social media with his post comparing Dubai’s flooded streets to those of Mumbai. Sharing a video of the inundated roads, Mahindra remarked, “Nope. Not Mumbai. Dubai.”

Former Jet Airways CEO’s Critique

However, Mahindra’s analogy drew criticism from Sanjiv Kapoor, the former CEO designate of Jet Airways. Retweeting Mahindra’s post, Kapoor argued that Dubai was not designed to withstand such heavy rains, likening the scenario to snowfall in Mumbai. Kapoor emphasized the impracticality of building cities to handle extreme weather conditions, regardless of their rarity.

Defense of Mahindra’s Statement

In defense of Mahindra, a social media user highlighted that his intention was not to mock Dubai but to highlight the similarity in the appearance of flooded streets between Mumbai and Dubai during heavy rainfall. The user also underscored the importance of acknowledging Dubai’s modern infrastructure while acknowledging that no city is immune to adverse weather events.

Clarification Amidst Debate

Acknowledging the misunderstanding, Kapoor clarified that while Mahindra’s post may not have intended to mock Dubai, the fundamental point remains that the city was not built to withstand heavy rains. He emphasized the exceptional nature of the rainfall, which surpassed expectations, leading to unprecedented flooding across the city.

Impact on Dubai

As the rains persist, key locations in Dubai, including popular shopping destinations like Dubai Mall and Mall of the Emirates, have been affected, with videos on social media showing ankle-deep water in major spots. The disruption has extended to air travel, with Dubai International Airport diverting incoming flights until weather conditions improve to ensure passenger safety.

In conclusion, while the debate surrounding Anand Mahindra’s analogy continues, the focus remains on addressing the immediate challenges posed by the heavy rainfall in Dubai and implementing measures to mitigate future risks to the city’s infrastructure and residents.


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