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‘Paani do, vote lo’ — People in Jodhpur’s Rural Areas Await Solution to Decade-Long Water Crisis

Amidst the scorching heat and parched lands of Jodhpur’s rural hinterlands, the desperate cry for water echoes louder than ever. The promise of relief seemed tangible when taps were installed in villages like Basni Bedan, just 10 kilometers from the city. However, instead of flowing water, all they received was trapped air, leaving their decade-long thirst unquenched.

Water Crisis Grips Jodhpur’s Rural Areas: Hope Pinned on Elections

Residents, like Mangla Ram and Sushila, express their frustration, emphasizing how politicians make empty promises, leaving them reliant on expensive private tankers. The situation is dire, with villagers forced to spend significant sums just to secure a basic necessity.

Promises Amidst Political Rivalry

In the lead-up to the Lok Sabha elections, the demand for water resonates as a central issue. Union Minister Gajendra Singh Shekhawat, seeking re-election, vows to resolve the crisis within a year, contrasting with accusations from the opposition, particularly Congress, highlighting Shekhawat’s alleged failures.

Blame Game: Congress vs. BJP

Both sides trade barbs, with Shekhawat blaming the previous Congress-led government for mismanagement and delays. Conversely, Congress argues that BJP’s tenure exacerbated the crisis, failing to fulfill promises and neglecting essential projects like the ERCP.

Caught in the Crossfire: People’s Plight

While political rivals spar, the real victims remain the people of Jodhpur. Ram Singh’s lament captures the desperation, illustrating how water scarcity permeates every aspect of life, from drinking to irrigation.

Hope Amidst MoU Signing

Recent developments, such as the MoU signing for the ERCP, offer a glimmer of hope. Yet, skepticism looms, with doubts surrounding the effectiveness of such initiatives in addressing the long-standing crisis.

The Dueling Narratives: Who’s to Blame?

The conflicting narratives paint a complex picture, leaving voters grappling with whom to trust. Whether it’s Congress or BJP, the priority remains ensuring access to clean, reliable water for all.

Seeking Respite Amidst Political Crossfire

As the election fervor grips Jodhpur, the cry for water resonates louder than campaign slogans. For the residents of Basni Bedan and beyond, the ballot box holds the promise of relief, echoing their plea — ‘Paani do, vote lo’.


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