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Delhi Government Issues Advisory for Schools Amid Hoax Bomb Threats

The Delhi government has taken proactive measures following a series of hoax bomb threats directed at schools across the Delhi-NCR region. In response to the alarming incidents, an advisory has been issued to schools, urging heightened vigilance and prompt action.

Advisory Highlights

The advisory, issued by the Directorate of Education, GNCT Delhi, emphasizes the importance of monitoring official school email addresses round the clock. School administrators are instructed to promptly review any emails or messages received, regardless of the time, and report suspicious content immediately.

Mandatory Reporting

School authorities are mandated to report any suspicious or concerning content to district education officials and the Delhi Police without delay. This collaborative approach aims to ensure swift and appropriate responses to potential threats, prioritizing the safety and security of students and staff.

Parental Communication

Acknowledging the vital role of parental involvement in safeguarding students, the advisory underscores the need for schools to keep parents informed of any perceived threats. This proactive communication ensures that parents are equipped to support and collaborate with authorities in addressing safety concerns effectively.

Response to Threats

The advisory comes in the wake of approximately 100 schools receiving identical bomb threats via email. In response, several schools initiated emergency protocols, including mass evacuations and thorough searches of premises. Fortunately, subsequent police investigations concluded the threats were false alarms, with no suspicious items discovered.

As Delhi grapples with the repercussions of these hoax bomb threats, the advisory serves as a reminder of the critical importance of preparedness and collaboration in ensuring the safety of educational institutions. By remaining vigilant, promptly reporting suspicious activity, and fostering open communication channels, schools can effectively navigate and mitigate potential security challenges, thereby safeguarding the well-being of students and staff alike.


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