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US Ambassador Eric Garcetti Immerses in Durga Puja Celebrations
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US Ambassador Eric Garcetti Immerses in Durga Puja Celebrations, Dances & Relishes Street Foods

Eric Garcetti, the United States Ambassador to India, embraced the spirit of cultural diversity and joyous celebrations during his recent visit to a Durga Puja pandal in Delhi’s Chittaranjan Park (CR Park). On Saturday, the distinguished diplomat immersed himself in the festivities, showcasing his appreciation for India’s rich traditions and flavors.

In a social media post on X, formerly known as Twitter, Ambassador Garcetti shared a video capturing his visit to the Durga Puja pandal. In the footage, he was seen savoring delectable Bengali street food and participating in the mesmerizing Dhunuchi naach.

One of the highlights of his visit was his active involvement in the puja ceremony, where he wholeheartedly joined in performing the traditional Dhunuchi naach. This dance, a form of devotion, is dedicated to Goddess Durga and is rooted in the belief that the goddess herself once danced with a Dhunuchi, a clay incense burner typically used during arti, to manifest her divine energy.

Garcetti’s culinary adventure was equally delightful. He indulged in an array of dishes, including jhal muri, chicken biryani, puri, fish, and various Bengali sweets from the vibrant food stalls that adorned the pandal.

Sharing his experience, Ambassador Garcetti posted on X, “Shubho Pujo, everyone! I had an incredible time pandal hopping in CR Park in Delhi, participating in the cultural festivities and, of course, tasting some amazing Pujo food! As I continue to experience different celebrations across India, I remain in awe of @IncredibleIndia’s amazing cultural diversity.”

His presence and enthusiastic participation did not go unnoticed, with many social media users expressing their admiration and warm wishes. One user commented, “Good to see you enjoying Durga Pujo festivities,” while another added, “Sir, I am sure you are experiencing the best of India, and you will have incredible memories when you go back.” A third user shared their admiration, saying, “Never in the history have I seen any diplomat traveling so extensively within India and celebrating the culture, diversity, festivals, and spreading so much love. I have become an ardent fan of you, Mr. Ambassador, Eric Garcetti; you are a very happy and lovely person.”

Ambassador Eric Garcetti’s visit to the Durga Puja pandal not only demonstrated the strong cultural ties between the United States and India but also highlighted the importance of mutual respect and appreciation of diverse traditions, fostering a deeper connection between the two nations.


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