Tomatoes at Rs 50/kg: AP Govt Provides Relief through 103 Rythu Bazars

Tomatoes at Rs 50/kg: AP Govt Provides Relief through 103 Rythu Bazars

The government of Andhra Pradesh has demonstrated its concern for the well-being of its people by taking proactive measures to address the issue of escalating tomato prices. Their efforts aim to make tomatoes more accessible and affordable for the residents of the state.

The Agriculture Marketing Department (AMD) of the state government has initiated the sale of tomatoes at Rs 50 per kg in 103 rythu bazaars located across the state.

Recognizing the alarming rise in tomato prices, which reached Rs 100 per kilogram, the government acknowledges the burden faced by consumers and seeks to provide relief through this initiative. Chief Minister Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy has instructed the agriculture marketing department to take all necessary steps to ensure the availability of tomatoes at affordable rates.

To meet the demands of the people, the state government has set a daily procurement target of 50 tonnes of tomatoes. This steady supply will ensure that consumers can access this essential vegetable without straining their budgets.

To effectively monitor the prices of agricultural commodities, the Agriculture Marketing Department utilizes the Continuous Monitoring of Agriculture Prices and Procurement (CMAPP) system. This system enables the daily tracking of prices at every Rythu Bharosa Kendra (RBK). When prices are observed to be low, intervention orders are issued to procure the commodities from farmers at the minimum support price (MSP). These timely interventions not only support the farmers but also help stabilize the market.

Moreover, the presence of 103 Ryutu Bazar Kendra scattered across the state plays a crucial role in ensuring fair prices for vegetables, benefiting both farmers and consumers. By establishing a direct connection between farmers and consumers, these market centers eliminate intermediaries, leading to better returns for farmers and more affordable produce for consumers.

In recognition of the impact of rising tomato prices on households, the government has already procured approximately 100 tonnes of tomatoes to date. These tomatoes have been made available at various Rythu Bazars, ensuring that consumers can access this essential ingredient at subsidized prices.

The agriculture marketing department intends to continue its procurement efforts until market prices stabilize. This sustained commitment by the government aims to alleviate the burden on consumers and ensure the availability of tomatoes at affordable rates throughout the state.

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