VVDN Technologies Unveils End-to-End Private 5G Solution to Empower Enterprises

VVDN Technologies Unveils End-to-End Private 5G Solution to Empower Enterprises

VVDN Technologies, a prominent indigenous telecom gear and hardware manufacturer, announced its much-anticipated end-to-end private 5G solution for corporations, marking a significant step forward in the growth of 5G technology. VVDN conceived and developed the cutting-edge solution, which includes a variety of indigenous goods such as ORAN Radio Units (RUs), customized CU/DU, and 5G Core.

The proprietary 5G solution developed by the company is the result of four years of continuous research and development. During this time, extensive testing was conducted, with an emphasis on critical criteria such as network launch on time, network performance optimization, outage prevention, and the ability to maintain service-level agreements (SLAs).

VVDN’s 5G solution is notable for its versatility, as it can be implemented across a wide range of locations, from complicated warehouses and manufacturing units to enormous campuses, stadiums, airports, seaports, and even tough industries like oil and gas. The solution’s extensive range of application possibilities makes it a great fit for a wide range of enterprise use cases.

VVDN Technologies has stated its desire to work with global Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), telecom carriers, and system integrators to accelerate the adoption of this private enterprise wireless solution. Their objective is to provide these stakeholders with the opportunity to capitalize on 5G’s potential for enterprise growth and innovation.

VVDN currently has customers in several global markets, including North America (the United States and Canada), Europe, the United Kingdom, Japan, South Korea, and India. The company’s strategy approach in these markets is centered on providing its clients with unrivaled value and performance.

According to Joseph George, the 5G Business Unit Head of VVDN Technologies, “VVDN, with ready-to-deploy ‘end-to-end device solution’ that is tested and secure, will help accelerate 5G Enterprise deployment.” VVDN’s full private networking solution aims to provide new options for telcos, SIs, and OEMs to build their enterprise business.”

VVDN’s groundbreaking private 5G solution represents a watershed moment in the telecommunications industry, unlocking enormous potential for organizations to utilize the power of 5G technology for increased productivity, efficiency, and creativity. VVDN Technologies‘ cutting-edge product promises to be a game changer for organizations worldwide as the demand for seamless and dependable 5G connectivity grows across industries.

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