Relief Commissioner Office, Uttar Pradesh Conducts Snakebite Reduction Program for Medical Professionals

Relief Commissioner Office, Uttar Pradesh Conducts Snakebite Mitigation Training for Medical Professionals

On November 29, 2023, the Relief Commissioner Office conducted a thorough training program for medical professionals in an effort to address the significant issue of snakebite cases. The Snakebite Reduction Program event aimed to provide doctors and disaster specialists from Sonbhadra, Barabanki, and Ghazipur districts with critical skills and expertise.

The highlight of the training was the informative session led by Professor K.G.M.U, who provided in-depth insights into Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) techniques. This crucial knowledge is poised to enhance the preparedness and response capabilities of medical practitioners in snakebite situations.

Throughout the program, experts from the Directorate of Medical Health and Family Welfare, KGMU conducted specialized training sessions. The focus was on guiding medical professionals on preventive measures, appropriate responses during snakebite incidents, and effective treatment protocols.

The initiative aimed to bridge the gap in knowledge and skills related to snakebite prevention and response, ensuring that medical practitioners are well-equipped to handle such emergencies.

The collaborative efforts between the Relief Commissioner’s Office, Uttar Pradesh, KGMU, and other expert organizations underscore the commitment to public health and safety in the face of potential snakebite incidents.

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