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Ajit Pawar’s NCP on BJP’s side, but here’s what makes western Maharashtra tough to breach

Under the scorching sun of Solapur, amidst fluttering flags of Congress, NCP, and Shiv Sena, Rahul Gandhi addressed a rally, igniting a renewed vigor among party workers. This time, they claim, things are different.

A Political Battleground: MVA vs. Mahayuti

In the political arena of Maharashtra, the Maha Vikas Aghadi (MVA), comprising Congress, NCP, and Shiv Sena, locks horns with the Mahayuti alliance led by BJP, Shiv Sena, and NCP under Ajit Pawar. Despite BJP’s stronghold elsewhere in the state, western Maharashtra remains a formidable fortress for the MVA.

Pawar’s Strategic Moves

Sharad Pawar, the architect of MVA’s prospects, has orchestrated strategic alliances to fortify the MVA’s position. By bringing influential leaders back into the fold and convincing erstwhile royals to contest on MVA tickets, Pawar aims to ensure the region remains impregnable.

The BJP’s Counter Strategy

The BJP, however, hasn’t been passive. With strategic moves like wooing influential community leaders and fielding prominent figures, they aim to challenge the MVA’s dominance in the region.

The Significance of Western Maharashtra

Western Maharashtra, a bastion of Maratha political prowess, holds immense significance in Maharashtra’s political landscape. With its rich agricultural economy and historical importance, the region often decides the state’s political fate.

Key Contests and Close Battles

From Kolhapur to Pune, several constituencies witness intense battles. With prominent leaders locking horns and strategic alliances at play, each seat becomes crucial in determining the overall political landscape.

Sangli: A Thorn in MVA’s Side

The district of Sangli emerges as a significant challenge for the MVA, with internal rifts and strategic maneuvering complicating the electoral scenario.

As Maharashtra gears up for electoral showdowns, the political landscape remains dynamic. With strategic alliances, internal rifts, and historical significance at play, the battle for western Maharashtra proves to be a saga of intrigue and resilience.


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