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PM Modi Launches Development Projects Valued at Over Rs 50,700 Crores in MP
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PM Modi Launches Projects Valued at Over Rs 50,700 Crores in MP

PM Modi laid the cornerstone for a number of projects totaling more than Rs 50,700 crores in Bina, Madhya Pradesh, to start a revolutionary wave of development. These large-scale initiatives include the construction of six new industrial zones around the state as well as the Petrochemical Complex at Bina Refinery, a Power and Renewable Energy Manufacturing Zone in the Narmadapuram district, two IT parks in Indore, and a Mega Industrial Park in Ratlam.

A key component of these endeavors is the Petrochemical Complex at Bina Refinery, which would be built for a projected cost of about Rs 49,000 crores. It is prepared to manufacture ethylene and propylene, two essential materials for a variety of industries, including textiles, packaging, and pharmaceuticals, at a rate of about 1200 KTPA (Kilo-Tonnes Per Annum). This initiative is in accordance with the goal of “Aatmanirbhar Bharat,” which is to lessen import dependency and promote domestic petrochemical production. The complex is anticipated to boost economic growth, produce job opportunities, and spur the growth of downstream sectors related to the petroleum industry.

Prime Minister Modi emphasized the importance of these initiatives in reviving the growth of the region while addressing the assembled crowd. He emphasized the government’s commitment to the development of Madhya Pradesh by noting that the central government’s expenditure of 50 thousand crore rupees in these projects exceeds the budgets of many Indian states.

The Prime Minister further stressed the significance of the manufacturing industry to the expansion of the state. Ten new industrial projects, some of which are being started at Narmadapuram, Indore, and Ratlam, were named by him. These projects are intended to improve Madhya Pradesh’s industrial capabilities, which will be advantageous to the state as a whole.

Prime Minister Modi reflected on the state’s development and recalled the day when Madhya Pradesh was plagued by serious issues like crime and corruption. He did, however, draw attention to the important advancements made under the direction of the current administration, including the restoration of peace and order, the development of the infrastructure, and the growth of public confidence in government. These initiatives have enticed significant firms to establish operations in the state, indicating a hopeful future for Madhya Pradesh’s industrial growth.

In the context of Atmanirbhar Bharat, Prime Minister Modi also emphasized the value of independence and reducing import dependency. He emphasized that it is concerning that India depends on other countries for its supply of gasoline, diesel, and petrochemical products. A significant step toward achieving petrochemical sector self-sufficiency, the Petrochemical Complex at Bina Refinery supports the production of numerous important goods, from pipes and furniture to medical equipment and agricultural instruments.

The prime minister expressed his confidence that the projects that were launched today would help small-scale farmers, business owners, and young people find jobs in addition to promoting industrial growth. These initiatives support the government’s dedication to the wellbeing of the nation and its people.

The fast development of India and its expanding influence on the world stage were other topics Prime Minister Modi spoke on. He commended India for its successful hosting of the G20 summit, which highlighted the nation’s strengths and diversity and improved its standing internationally.

He emphasized the “Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas” (Development for All) approach and expressed optimism that these initiatives will hasten the state’s development over the following five years and considerably advance India’s goal of becoming one of the world’s top three economies.


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