inGO Electric unveils inGO Flee 2.0

inGO Flee

inGo Electric, a leading last-mile micro-mobility company, has launched its latest Electric vehicle model inGO Flee 2.0. Priced at Rs. 62,000/- onwards, inGO Flee 2.0 has been designed with an extensive focus on ergonomic design and comfort.

inGO Flee 2.0’s high-performance shocks stand out as a first-in-class feature, offering zero maintenance and ensuring a smooth ride. With the highest load capacity in its class, it can carry 25kgs on the carrier and an impressive 50kgs on the footboard.

The inclusion of IoT and telematics features allows for real-time tracking through a software suite, remote locking, geo-fencing, and theft alerts. Additionally, the vehicle provides the convenience of charging anywhere with its Lithium-Ion battery, ensuring a quick charge in less than 4 hours and easy swapping in under 2 minutes 

Commenting on the new addition, Nikhil Gonsalves, CEO and Co-Founder, inGO Electric, said, “inGO was founded with an aim to offer an effective micro-mobility solution that helps people travel anywhere faster, safer and seamlessly. Our vision is to change the way we commute in urban cities where traffic congestion is a huge pain point. Our new model is a step in that direction. After an overwhelming response for our first model, we are excited to introduce inGO Flee 2.0. It offers a superior riding experience with utmost importance for rider comfort. inGO Flee 2.0 not just provides a mode of transport but an experience that prioritizes stability and ease of riding.”

Vehicle features include

Range50 Kms
Battery1kW, 48V, 23.2Ah
Peak Torque65 Nm
Suspension43mm Telescopic front, Heavy Duty Shocks at the rear
Dimensions1670 x 685 x 1200mm
Top Speed25 kmph
Charger & Time54.6V/6A – 4 Hours
Wheel Size10″x3.00″ (Front and Rear)
Max Payload50kgs on footboard, 25kgs on carrier
Ground Clearance149mm
Motor & Controller250W BLDC Hub Motor
Weight55 Kgs

A few other noteworthy features include a two-seat option for riders to share their ride comfortably. inGO Flee 2.0 also comprises a 10-inch LCD with a battery gauge that provides real-time information about the ride. The improved suspension system ensures enhanced ride quality and handling.

Wider front wheels with 110mm brakes contribute to better safety. The transition to front and back tubeless tires adds to the overall durability efficiency of the vehicle. A 350mm wide ultra-comfort seat is designed for long rides, prioritizing rider comfort.

The integration of a 24x7x365 days connected vehicle platform for monitoring and tracking is now a standard feature across all variants, adding a layer of security. The inGO Flee 2.0 also introduces new styling and graphics, offering a refreshed aesthetic. The addition of a charger with battery level indication and an auto-hold battery hood further enhances the user-friendly and practical aspects of the vehicle.

inGO Flee 2.0 will be available for sale from Dec 1st . Interested buyers can visit for more information or call on +91 7019908703

About inGO

Founded in 2018 by Nikhil Gonsalves and Manjunath Panthangi, inGO is a truly ‘Made In India’ product with each component manufactured and sourced entirely within the country. While the vehicle was being conceptualized and extensive market study was being carried out, Prasanth Krishna came onboard as the CTO who was a perfect resource to translate their vision into an award winning product portfolio.

During the customer validation phase, inGO through divine happenstance was joined by industry veteran Ramani Iyer, co-founder of Justdial, who played a pivotal role in their fundraising, marketing and customer success.

inGO’s flagship product ‘Flee’ is a last-mile micro-mobility vehicle that has been built with an extensive focus on ergonomic design and comfort. With a capacity of carrying up to 150 kgs over a range of 120 kms, inGO’s Flee has been uniquely designed keeping in mind the nuances of the Indian consumer and the biomechanics of the human body. Flee follows a ‘Golden Triangle Ratio’ which comprises a careful consideration of hand, hip and leg placement of the rider.

The reimagining of seat positioning and hip placement offers utmost comfort and superior riding experience for the end user. This tweak in design was made possible by inGO’s in house design team along with insights provided by experienced orthopedic doctors.

inGO has currently sold 200+ bikes and the company is actively expanding its production capacity to 500 bikes per month in Hosur, with plans to reach 1500 bikes per month.

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