IIT Kanpur Develops ‘Suicide Drone’: A Game-Changer in Indian Defence


In a significant development, the IIT Kanpur, has successfully crafted an indigenous version of the Kamikaze drone, also known as the suicide drone. Led by Assistant Professor Subramaniam Sadrala from the Aerospace Department, this cutting-edge project has been underway for the past year under the aegis of DRDO’s Young Scientist Laboratory (DYSL-CT) initiative. This innovative suicide drone has the potential to carry a warhead of up to 6 kg, covering distances of up to 100 km.

The IIT Kanpur-developed drone boasts an array of advanced features that set it apart from conventional UAVs. One of its key strengths lies in the incorporation of stalled technology, enabling it to evade radar detection efficiently. This strategic advantage adds a layer of stealth and unpredictability, augmenting its capability as a potent offensive tool.

The specifications of this indigenous marvel are awe-inspiring The Kamikaze drone measures 2 meters in length and has a foldable fixed-wing design, which enhances its portability and ease of deployment. Additionally, it can be equipped with cameras and infrared sensors, enabling it to capture critical intelligence data during reconnaissance missions.

The drone’s versatility extends to its launching mechanisms, offering two options: catapult or canister launchers. Its autonomy during flight operations is another noteworthy feature, augmented by an algorithm-based decision-making capability. Utilizing artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled visual guidance systems, the drone can autonomously navigate enemy territory and neutralize targets even in the absence of Global Positioning Support (GPS) signals.

Notably, the battery-operated UAV showcases impressive operational efficiency, capable of delivering payloads up to 100 km away in just 40 minutes. This remarkable speed and range provide a significant boost to the armed forces’ offensive capabilities, as it allows for swift and precise target engagement, mitigating potential threats quickly.

Kamikaze Drone
Kamikaze Drone

Furthermore, the IIT Kanpur-developed drone’s operational capabilities are not constrained by weather conditions or time of day. It can effectively operate day and night, offering a strategic advantage in conducting military operations under various circumstances. With a maximum ceiling of 4.5 km, the drone can tactically maneuver at varying altitudes, further enhancing its potential in complex environments.

The drone’s capacity to evade enemy radar through stealth technology further cements its position as an essential asset on the battlefield. By minimizing its detectability, the drone can infiltrate enemy territory with a higher probability of success, offering valuable intelligence without compromising its mission’s safety.

Emphasizing the importance of adequate funding for the development of such high-end machines, Professor Sadrala highlights the critical role played by the defence corridor in ensuring the successful realization of advanced technologies for the nation’s defence forces.

During the upcoming development phase, the IIT Kanpur team intends to conduct target destruction tests within the next six months. These trials will undoubtedly validate the drone’s combat capabilities, further solidifying its position as a game-changer in India’s defence landscape.

In conclusion, the successful development of an indigenous Kamikaze drone by IIT Kanpur represents a significant milestone in India’s quest for advanced defence technologies. With its state-of-the-art features, including stealth capabilities, AI-guided autonomy, and impressive range, this homegrown marvel will undoubtedly bolster the offensive capabilities of the Indian armed forces. As it prepares to undergo target destruction trials, the drone’s potential to redefine modern warfare becomes increasingly evident, leaving no doubt that it will play a vital role in safeguarding the nation’s security and sovereignty.

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