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ICICI Bank Denies CEO Resignation Rumors

ICICI Bank, a prominent player in India’s banking sector, has unequivocally refuted recent reports suggesting that its Managing Director and CEO, Sandeep Bakshi, is contemplating stepping down from his position. The bank issued a formal statement in response to an article published by The Morning Context, addressing the speculation that has caused ripples in financial circles.

The Morning Context’s article, titled “ICICI Bank in a tizzy after CEO move comes out of left field,” cited anonymous sources claiming that Sandeep Bakshi had communicated his desire to resign due to personal reasons. One of the sources purportedly stated, “He has some personal emergency. That is why he wants to step down.”

ICICI Bank’s Response

In a regulatory filing, ICICI Bank dismissed the allegations as unfounded and misleading. The bank vehemently denied the claims made in The Morning Context’s article, labeling them as a “figment of imagination.” According to ICICI Bank, the speculation lacks any factual basis and appears to be propagated with malicious intent.

Official Statement

“We would like to categorically deny the information published in the article regarding ICICI Bank’s MD allegedly expressing willingness to leave his position due to personal reasons. This information is a figment of imagination and therefore, completely baseless and misleading. It appears that this rumor is being spread with an ulterior motive and malicious intent in order to harm the Bank and its stakeholders,” stated ICICI Bank in its official response.

As the controversy surrounding Sandeep Bakshi’s purported resignation swirls, ICICI Bank remains steadfast in its assertion that the reports are devoid of truth. The bank reassures its stakeholders and the public that its leadership remains stable, committed, and focused on steering the institution towards continued growth and success.


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