Hamara Samvidhan, Hamara Samman: A Nationwide Celebration of India’s Constitutional Values

Hamara Samvidhan, Hamara Samman

On the 24th of January 2024, Vice-President Shri Jagdeep Dhankhar will inaugurate a year-long pan-India campaign titled ‘Hamara Samvidhan, Hamara Samman’ at the Dr. Ambedkar International Centre. This initiative, commemorating the 75th year of India as a Republic, aims to reaffirm the nation’s collective commitment to the principles enshrined in the Constitution of India.

Objectives of the Campaign:

Reaffirming Constitutional Principles:

The campaign seeks to celebrate and uphold the shared values embedded in the Constitution, fostering a sense of pride and responsibility among citizens.

Empowering Citizens:

‘Hamara Samvidhan, Hamara Samman’ provides opportunities for citizens to actively participate in various ways, encouraging them to contribute meaningfully to India’s democratic journey.

Campaign Activities:

Sabko Nyay – Har Ghar Nyaya:

  • Connects villagers through village-level entrepreneurs and encourages them to take the Sabko Nyay pledge.
  • ‘Nyaya Sahayaks’ will spearhead awareness about citizen-centric legal services at the doorstep of the masses.
  • Nyaya Seva Mela at the State/UT level to provide platforms for legal guidance and information.
  • Encourages citizens to embrace the resolutions of Panch Pran by reading the Panch Pran Pledge.
  • Involves citizens in talent showcases like Panch Pran Rangotsav (Poster Making) and Panch Pran Anubhav (Reel/Video making).
  • Engaging Constitution knowledge tests on the My Gov platform.

Vidhi Jagriti Abhiyan:

  • Involves students in carrying the Panch Pran message to villages adopted by Law colleges.
  • Disseminates legal information engagingly through Gram Vidhi Chetna, Vanchit Varg Samman, and Nari Bhagidari initiatives.

Key Initiatives Launched:

Nyaya Setu:

  • A transformative step aiming to extend legal services to the last mile.
  • Provides a unified legal interface for information, advice, and assistance, promoting a more inclusive and just society.

DISHA Scheme Achievement:

  • The release of the achievement booklet for the ‘Designing Innovative Solutions for Holistic Access to Justice’ (DISHA) scheme.
  • The Tele Law Programme has connected over 67 lakh citizens for pre-litigation advice.

Nyaya Bandhu Programme:

  • Aims to decentralize and create a framework for Pro Bono Legal Services.
  • Network of 10,000+ Pro Bono advocates, Nyaya Bandhu Panels in 25 High Courts, and Pro Bono Clubs across 89 Law schools.

The event will formalize collaborations with Bhashini and IGNOU to break language barriers in accessing justice. Bhashini’s solutions are embedded in Nyay Setu, while the partnership with IGNOU opens opportunities for Paralegals to enhance their education and skills.

The ‘Hamara Samvidhan, Hamara Samman’ campaign, orchestrated by the Department of Justice, Ministry of Law and Justice, Government of India, is a pioneering initiative to foster a sense of pride, responsibility, and active participation in upholding India’s constitutional values. This momentous inauguration event will conclude with a keynote address by the Vice-President.

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