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Air India Adjusts Baggage Allowance to Match Industry Standards

Air India, one of India’s prominent airlines, has recently announced a revision in its baggage policy for domestic flights. The adjustment, effective from 2 May, entails a reduction in baggage allowance ranging from 5 to 15 kg across various ticket categories. This move brings Air India’s baggage limits in line with industry standards and aligns them with those of its competitors.

Last year, Air India introduced a menu-based pricing model categorized into ‘fare families’ known as Comfort, Comfort Plus, and Flex. These fare families offer different benefits and restrictions at varying price points, allowing passengers to choose according to their preferences and needs.

The revised policy affects passengers across all classes, with adjustments made based on the fare families. In Economy class, passengers under the Comfort and Comfort Plus categories will now have a checked baggage allowance of 15 kg, down from the previous 20 and 25 kg, respectively. The allowance for Flex fare remains unchanged at 25 kg. Similar adjustments have been made for Premium Economy and Business class passengers.

Air India’s Perspective

A spokesperson from Air India highlighted that the introduction of fare families aims to provide passengers with flexibility and choice while ensuring a full-service flying experience. According to the spokesperson, the bundled fares offer additional value and benefits to passengers, such as extra baggage allowance, flexibility in changes or cancellations, and more loyalty points.

Air India’s decision to revise its baggage policy is rooted in customer feedback and a comprehensive study of market dynamics. The spokesperson emphasized that the new policy is benchmarked against offerings from competitors to ensure competitiveness and relevance in the market.

IndiGo, Air India’s major competitor and India’s market leader, provides a 15 kg baggage allowance on domestic flights. However, the low-cost carrier offers only Economy-class seating. Vistara, another full-service airline, offers allowances based on fare families, providing additional baggage allowance compared to Air India in some fare categories.

Vistara’s Baggage Allowance

Vistara offers varied luggage allowances across its fare categories, including Lite/Value, Standard, and Flexi. In Economy class, the allowances range from 15 kg to 20 kg, while in Premium Economy and Business class, passengers enjoy allowances ranging from 20 kg to 40 kg, depending on the fare category.

Air India’s adjustment in baggage allowance reflects its commitment to adapt to market dynamics and meet customer expectations. By aligning its policies with industry standards and offering flexible fare options, the airline aims to enhance the travel experience for its passengers while maintaining competitiveness in the aviation sector.


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