Bhoomi Green Energy’s Bold Move: Turning Lucknow’s Waste Mountains into Eco Gold in Just 15 Months!

Bhoomi Green Energy's Bold Move: Turning Lucknow's Waste Mountains into Eco Gold in Just 15 Months!

Pune-based company Bhoomi Green Energy Private Limited has been entrusted with the formidable task of scientifically eliminating a staggering 20 lakh metric tonnes of solid waste by the Lucknow Municipal Corporation (LMC).

Faced with the looming threat of hefty fines from the National Green Tribunal (NGT) due to an immense pile of solid waste, estimated to be equivalent in size to a staggering 100 football fields, the LMC sought an urgent solution to a problem that, if left unattended, would take a century to decompose naturally. Bhoomi Green Energy has now stepped in, pledging to treat and eliminate this colossal waste within a tight timeframe of 15 months.

Municipal Commissioner Inderjeet Singh announced, “The mountain of 20 lakh tonnes of garbage created by Eco Green would perish soon. Pune-based company Bhoomi Green Energy has taken the responsibility of removing it in 15 months. About Rs120 crore will be spent on its disposal, of which Rs97 crore has been provided by the government. There is no shortage of funds for keeping the environment clean.”

Expressing concern over the massive waste piles at Shivri, the state government collaborated with GIZ India under Indo-German technical cooperation to organize consultations with Brand Owners & Co-Processors. Tenders for waste treatment were floated in October, and Bhoomi Green Energy is set to commence work shortly.

The inefficiency of Eco Green Company, responsible for waste disposal for the entire city, turned the municipal corporation’s waste disposal plant at Shivri into a mountain of waste exceeding 20 lakh tonnes. Dr. Arvind Rao, additional municipal commissioner in charge of the Shivri plant, is optimistic about the treatment of this legacy waste, emphasizing that Lucknow will soon set an example for other cities.

Dr. Rao remarked, “Tenders for the treatment of 20 lakh tonnes of legacy waste are finalized, and I am sure that within the next 15 months, all this 20 lakh tonnes of waste would be treated, and Lucknow will set an example in front of other cities about treating piles of legacy waste.”

He added, “Now, the new company will make fertilizer (RDF) and other environmental products from waste. The municipal corporation will enter into an agreement with the company in two-three days.”

Allegations surfaced that the accumulated waste was polluting seven villages, causing irreparable environmental damage, especially in Thakurganj, Chowk, and nearby areas of Shivri. With garbage disposal set to begin in two-three days, the cost of this monumental task is estimated at Rs120 crore.

The NGT had previously imposed a fine of Rs20 crore on the LMC in 2019. Municipal Commissioner Inderjeet Singh faced a personal appearance before the NGT to present the city’s future waste management and disposal plan. The NGT granted a last chance of three months, which LMC successfully utilized to implement an effective waste management system. This extension expires in just two days.

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