ATL Industry Visit: Atal Innovation Mission, Bayer Collaborate to Foster Innovation & Learning

ATL Industry Visit: Atal Innovation Mission, Bayer Collaborate to Foster Innovation & Learning

India’s manufacturing sector is experiencing rapid growth, thanks to the government’s focus on initiatives like the ‘Make in India’ program. In line with this vision, the Atal Innovation Mission (AIM) and Bayer have joined hands to introduce school students to modern manufacturing techniques and technologies.

The Atal Tinkering Labs, under AIM, in collaboration with Bayer, launched a unique industry visit initiative at Bayer’s manufacturing facility in Vapi, Gujarat. This initiative aims to provide students with first-hand exposure to the latest manufacturing processes used in industries, as well as orient them with cutting-edge technologies.

Dr. Chintan Vaishnav, Mission Director of Atal Innovation Mission, NITI Aayog, highlighted the importance of creating awareness about manufacturing among the masses to fuel the country’s manufacturing policy. He expressed his belief that this collaboration with Bayer would ignite the young minds at the Atal Tinkering Labs, contributing to India’s journey towards becoming a global economic powerhouse.

Bayer has been a partner of Niti Aayog since 2021, supporting various initiatives of the Atal Innovation Mission. As part of its commitment to promoting science-based learning, Bayer has adopted 125 Atal Tinkering Lab schools in seven states, with a special focus on all-girls schools to promote diversity and inclusion. Through partnerships with implementing partners, Bayer has trained 150 Atal Tinkering Lab coordinators and nurtured over 20,000 students in designing and building innovative solutions to real-world challenges.

With the ambitious program of industry exposure for students initiated by AIM, Bayer has become a leading industry partner in this endeavor. Bayer has opened its manufacturing and production plants, as well as research centers, across multiple locations, including Vapi, Shamirpet, Chandippa, and Bangalore, to provide students with hands-on experience in leveraging technology, automation, and innovation.

Rachana Panda, Country Group Head Communications, Public Affairs, Sustainability & CSE, Bayer South Asia, emphasized Bayer’s commitment to India’s growth journey and its role in improving farmer incomes, food security, and healthcare access through technological innovations. The collaboration with Niti Aayog on the Atal Innovation Mission further aims to foster a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship among the youth.

As part of this partnership, Bayer is now inviting students to visit its world-class manufacturing facility in Vapi, which embodies the spirit of “Make in India” and serves as a proud supplier to Bayer’s global operations. The Atal Tinkering Lab program, aligned with the National Education Policy 2020 (NEP), is revolutionizing India’s education ecosystem by promoting a hands-on and experiential learning approach.

Industrial visits play a crucial role in bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical exposure, and the launch of this initiative witnessed enthusiastic participation from ATL student teams in Gujarat. Students expressed excitement about the opportunity to explore the Bayer-Vapi plant and gain insights into the manufacturing industry.

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