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Uttar Pradesh Government’s Agri Innovation Initiative

In a bid to revolutionize the agricultural landscape, the Uttar Pradesh government has embarked on an ambitious plan to promote agricultural startups and integrate artificial intelligence (AI) into farming practices. This strategic partnership between the government and the agriculture sector aims to invigorate the rural economy while fostering the adoption of ‘smart farming’ methodologies.

Global Farmers’ Summit ‘Krishi Bharat’

Scheduled for November 2024, the ‘Krishi Bharat’ summit, organized in collaboration with the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), is set to be a landmark event. The summit will witness the participation of delegations comprising farmers and agricultural experts from countries such as the US, Germany, Brazil, Italy, Poland, France, Spain, Indonesia, and Kenya. This four-day extravaganza in Lucknow aims to emulate the success of the UP Global Investors Summit held in February 2023, which garnered over 19,000 investment proposals worth Rs 40 trillion.

Empowering Farmers and Enhancing Productivity

Despite being a significant agricultural producer, Uttar Pradesh grapples with challenges such as lower per-hectare yields and inadequate food processing infrastructure. Consequently, farmers experience reduced incomes, and agricultural wastage remains a pressing concern. Recognizing these hurdles, the government is committed to fostering innovation and efficiency within the agricultural sector.

Promoting Agri-Startups and Foreign Investments

Tarun Sawhney, Chairman of CII Krishi Bharat 2024, highlighted the summit’s role in attracting global venture capitalists and foreign companies to invest in Uttar Pradesh’s agricultural ecosystem. With Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath’s staunch advocacy for agricultural issues, the state is poised to facilitate economic growth and agricultural advancements.

Facilitating Learning and Best Practice Sharing

The government plans to send progressive farmers abroad to learn and exchange knowledge on best agricultural practices. Additionally, initiatives such as ‘agri-tourism’ will allow foreign delegations to witness firsthand the agricultural practices and allied activities prevalent in Uttar Pradesh.

Agricultural Landscape of Uttar Pradesh

With a net cropped area exceeding 20 million hectares, Uttar Pradesh dominates in sugarcane and dairy production. Paddy and rice cultivation cover 33% of the state’s cropped area, followed by wheat, pulses, and oilseeds at 33%, sugarcane at 16%, and maize and millets at 14%. Moreover, 88% of the state’s landmass is irrigated, primarily through tube wells, canals, and wells.

Industry-Government Collaboration

Madhav Singhania, Chairman of CII Northern Region, emphasized the industry’s commitment to collaborating with the government to resolve policy issues and enhance technological advancements in agriculture. This collaborative effort aims to propel Uttar Pradesh towards agricultural excellence and sustainable growth.

By fostering innovation, promoting entrepreneurship, and facilitating international collaboration, the Uttar Pradesh government aims to usher in a new era of prosperity and sustainability in agriculture, thereby empowering farmers and transforming rural livelihoods.


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