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College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Advisors Shine Bright: A Celebration of Excellence

Dedicated academic advisors are the backbone of student success within the Texas A&M College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (AGLS). Offering personalized assistance, these mentors play a crucial role in guiding students through their academic journey, internship opportunities, and career exploration. This year, the remarkable efforts of several advisors have been celebrated, showcasing their unwavering commitment to student success and holistic development.

Recognition for Exceptional Commitment

The Association of Former Students bestowed the Distinguished Award for Individual Student Engagement upon Jennifer Rhinesmith-Carranza, Ph.D., the director of advising for the College. With over a decade of experience, Rhinesmith-Carranza has left an indelible mark on countless students, serving as both an inspiring instructor and a compassionate academic advisor. Her dedication to nurturing students’ growth and resilience has earned her numerous accolades, highlighting her innovative initiatives, including after-hours advising sessions and informative videos catering to students’ diverse needs.

Double Honors for Carissa Beamon

Carissa Beamon, a senior academic advisor, received dual recognition with the President’s Award for Academic Advising and the University Advisors and Counselors Excellence in Graduate Advising. Beamon’s tireless efforts have not only enriched the academic experience for undergraduate and graduate students but have also established a supportive environment within the Kleberg Advising Hub. Her proactive engagement with graduate students and advocacy for their needs have earned her widespread admiration from both students and faculty.

Celebrating New Talent: Callan Gearner

Acknowledging her compassionate guidance and dedication to student success, Callan Gearner received the University Advisors and Counselors’ New Advisor Award. Since joining the advising team, Gearner has exhibited a remarkable commitment to empowering students and fostering collaborative relationships. Her proactive approach to student engagement and continuous professional development exemplifies the ethos of effective academic advising.

Innovative Excellence: Kelsey Hirsch

Kelsey Hirsch was honored with the University Advisors and Counselors Innovative Advising Award for her pioneering approaches in leveraging technology to enhance the advising experience. As an academic advisor, Hirsch has played a pivotal role in implementing innovative solutions, including the establishment of a food pantry and the integration of technology-driven advising models. Her commitment to enhancing student support services underscores the transformative impact of innovative thinking in academic advising.

AGLS Advising Hub: A Beacon of Support

The AGLS Advising Hub received the University Advisors and Counselors Outstanding Advising Team Award in recognition of its exceptional dedication to student advising. Comprising ten advisors, the Hub has redefined the conventional approach to academic advising by prioritizing relational experiences over transactional interactions. Through their collective efforts, the Hub has set a benchmark for excellence in advisor training, communication, and innovative initiatives, ensuring that every student receives the support they need to thrive.

A Legacy of Excellence

The accolades received by the advisors within the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences underscore their unwavering dedication to student success and holistic development. As they continue to inspire and empower the next generation of leaders, their legacy of excellence will resonate throughout the Texas A&M University community, shaping the future of agriculture and life sciences for years to come.


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