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WHO Prequalifies New Oral Simplified Vaccine for Cholera

A groundbreaking development in the fight against cholera has emerged as the World Health Organization (WHO) grants prequalification to a new oral vaccine on April 12. The recently approved vaccine, Euvichol-S, marks a significant milestone in cholera prevention efforts with its simplified formulation and potential to ramp up production swiftly.

Dr. Rogerio Gaspar, Director of the WHO Department for Regulation and Prequalification, expressed optimism about the new addition to the organization’s prequalification list. He highlighted the importance of expanding the arsenal against cholera, especially in regions grappling with outbreaks. Gaspar noted that Euvichol-S joins the ranks of Euvichol and Euvichol-Plus, reinforcing the collective effort to combat cholera.

Cholera outbreaks demand swift intervention, and vaccines play a pivotal role in containing the spread. However, inadequate supplies have hindered response efforts, exacerbating the crisis in regions already grappling with deficiencies in water, sanitation, and hygiene infrastructure. The introduction of Euvichol-S brings hope for bolstering vaccine availability and addressing critical shortages.

Global Cholera Landscape

The urgency of this development is underscored by the escalating cholera burden worldwide. In 2022, WHO reported a staggering 473,000 cholera cases—double the figure from the previous year. Projections for 2023 estimated a further increase of 700,000 cases. Currently, 23 countries are grappling with cholera outbreaks, with particularly severe impacts witnessed in nations such as the Comoros, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Somalia, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.

As the global health community grapples with the challenges posed by cholera, the prequalification of Euvichol-S offers a ray of hope. Its simplified formulation not only streamlines production but also enhances accessibility, potentially turning the tide against cholera outbreaks. However, concerted efforts must continue to bolster vaccination campaigns and address the underlying factors fueling cholera’s persistence. The endorsement of Euvichol-S by WHO heralds a promising step forward in the quest to eliminate this deadly disease.


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