Rahat Vani Center Inauguration: Strengthening Disaster Preparedness in Uttar Pradesh

Rahat Vani Center Inauguration: Strengthening Disaster Preparedness in Uttar Pradesh

The Rahat Vani Center (RVC) was officially opened on January 1 by Uttar Pradesh Chief Secretary Durga Shankar Mishra, marking a significant step towards improving disaster resilience. In keeping with the state’s dedication to proactive disaster management, the Lalbag facility acts as an observatory for early disaster alerts.

Chief Secretary Mishra unveiled the Disaster Information Dissemination Center, reinforcing the disaster response infrastructure in the district. Stressing its importance, Mishra emphasized that the center aims to mitigate loss of life and property by providing timely information to the public, ensuring their safety.

Government’s Proactive Disaster Management Commitment:

The establishment of the Disaster Information Dissemination Center is in line with the government’s commitment to proactive disaster management. Mishra highlighted the reinforcement of Emergency Operation Centers at the district level, along with the operation of a 24*7 toll-free helpline (1070) dedicated to disaster relief efforts. The strengthening of the State Emergency Operation Center (SEOC) further enhances the state’s disaster response capabilities.

Fortifying Weather-Related Network:

Recognizing the need for accurate pre-disaster warnings, the state government is collaborating with the Meteorological Department to fortify the weather-related network. This includes the installation of 5 Doppler radars, 450 automatic weather stations, and 2000 automatic rain gauges, addressing the current inadequacy of 68 AWS and 132 ARGs across the state.

Enhanced Lightning and Flood Warnings:

To provide precise lightning information, Mishra announced the installation of lightning sensors, offering real-time data about thunderstorms 30 minutes to 1 hour in advance. Additionally, river sensors are being deployed in the Ghaghara/Sharda and Rapti basins for flood warnings, contributing to reduced casualties through early warnings.

Role of Disaster Information Dissemination Center:

In the realm of disaster preparedness, the Disaster Information Dissemination Center serves as a dedicated Early Warning Center. It disseminates pre-disaster warnings to the public through various mediums in real-time, ensuring timely awareness and assistance to citizens.

The Rahat Vani Center, situated in Lalbagh area, with a team of six personnel, will coordinate with various institutions, including the India Meteorological Department, Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology, Isro’s National Remote Sensing Applications, and others. Its purpose is to develop a unified disaster risk management stack and efficient technological environment, focusing on pre-emptive disaster risk reduction to minimize losses.

Real-time Information Dissemination:

The Rahat Vani Center’s real-time information, gathered from weather and early warning systems, will be disseminated at the community level in both rural and urban areas. This dissemination will occur through SMS alerts, mobile notifications, and other means, ensuring swift communication about potential natural disasters.

Future Plans:

With the technical support of the IMD, the state government plans to install five Doppler radars, 450 AWSs, and 2000 ARG stations to strengthen the early warning system. The first phase involves the installation of UPLAMS in approximately 38 districts of the state for lightning alerts within a range of 5 km to 2 km.

The inauguration of the Rahat Vani Centre marks a significant step in Uttar Pradesh’s journey towards building a robust and developed state equipped to handle multi-hazard scenarios. The comprehensive approach, involving advanced technology and community-level awareness, reflects the government’s commitment to minimizing the impact of disasters on lives and livelihoods.

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