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Report Urges Enhanced China-EU Cooperation on Environment and Climate

A recent report titled “China-EU Cooperation on Environment and Climate: Progress and Prospects” emphasizes the need for heightened collaboration between China and the European Union (EU) in addressing environmental and climate challenges. Released jointly by prominent institutions, the report outlines comprehensive strategies to make environmental cooperation a cornerstone of bilateral relations.

Strengthening Green Partnership

The report advocates for a robust green partnership between China and the EU, positioning environmental cooperation as a catalyst for broader strategic collaboration. It underscores the pivotal role of such cooperation in economic, trade, cultural, and global environmental endeavors.

Emphasizing the importance of structured dialogue, the report suggests elevating the China-EU High-Level Environment and Climate Dialogue to spearhead collaborative efforts across various sectors and levels. It proposes integrating environmental discussions into existing high-level mechanisms, like the Economic and Trade Dialogue.

Encouraging the establishment of bilateral exchange platforms, the report calls for active participation from local governments, think tanks, experts, and enterprises. It advocates for increased collaboration at the grassroots level, including the creation of sister provinces and cities to facilitate joint environmental initiatives.

Academic and Institutional Cooperation

The report recommends fostering academic partnerships through the establishment of China-EU environment and climate institutes. It highlights the pivotal role of research centers in facilitating dialogue and cooperation between Chinese and European environmental think tanks.

Identifying key focus areas, the report stresses the importance of collaboration in clean energy, carbon-reducing technologies, green transportation, and circular economy initiatives. It underscores the urgency of addressing pressing environmental issues such as marine litter and pollution reduction.

Launching the China-EU Green Action

Proposing the initiation of the China-EU Green Action, the report suggests integrating cooperation in digital economy and artificial intelligence sectors to invigorate green collaboration. It aims to leverage emerging technologies to drive sustainable development goals.

In line with global initiatives like the Belt and Road Initiative, the report advocates for triangular cooperation models involving Southeast Asia and Africa. It underscores the potential of South-South cooperation in addressing shared environmental challenges.

Addressing Developing Countries’ Needs

Recognizing the unique challenges faced by developing nations, the report emphasizes the importance of designing cooperation projects that address both pollution control and carbon reduction objectives. It calls for inclusive approaches to ensure equitable environmental outcomes.


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