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Security Council Urges Immediate Halt to Military Escalation in El Fasher

Security Council members have issued a resounding call for an immediate cessation to the military escalation in El Fasher amidst mounting concerns over an impending offensive by the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) and their allied militia. Reports indicate that the city, which currently shelters hundreds of thousands of displaced persons, faces grave peril.

Humanitarian Crisis Unfolds

Since April 14th, clashes between the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) and RSF, supported by their respective militias, have claimed the lives of at least 43 individuals, including women and children, according to the UN Human Rights Office (OHCHR). The escalating violence has left civilians trapped in El Fasher gripped by fear, as attempts to flee are overshadowed by the looming threat of death. Compounding the dire situation is a severe shortage of essential supplies, exacerbated by restricted access to commercial goods and humanitarian aid due to ongoing fighting and access challenges in RSF-controlled territories.

Sudan in Turmoil

Sudan finds itself in the throes of turmoil since the eruption of conflict between SAF and the paramilitary RSF last April. With more than 14,000 lives lost and thousands more wounded, reports also highlight the prevalence of abhorrent sexual and gender-based violence. The conflict has uprooted over six million civilians within Sudan and an additional 1.8 million across borders, amidst a staggering humanitarian crisis affecting 25 million people in need of aid and protection.

International Call for De-escalation

In a unified statement, Security Council members have urged both SAF and RSF to cease the buildup of military forces and take immediate steps to de-escalate the situation, aligning with their obligations under international humanitarian law. Emphasizing the urgency of the matter, Council members reiterated the call for an immediate cessation of hostilities, paving the way for a sustainable ceasefire.

Upholding Peace Efforts

Member States were implored to refrain from external interference that could stoke further conflict and instability, instead advocating for robust support towards achieving lasting peace. Additionally, all parties involved in the conflict and Member States were reminded of their obligations to adhere to arms embargo measures outlined in resolutions 1556 (2004) and 2676 (2023).

The Security Council’s call underscores the critical need for swift and concerted action to avert further tragedy and pave the way for lasting peace in Sudan‘s troubled regions.


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