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Hisashi Takeuchi
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Maruti Suzuki’s Visionary CEO-Hisashi Takeuchi Named Autocar Professional’s Man of the Year 2023

In a nod to his exceptional leadership and transformative vision, Hisashi Takeuchi, the Managing Director and CEO of Maruti Suzuki, has been honored as Autocar Professional’s ‘Man of the Year’ for 2023.

This prestigious accolade is reserved for individuals whose profound influence has significantly shaped the automotive landscape throughout the year, reflecting a visionary approach with the potential to bring about transformative change.

Taking the helm of Maruti Suzuki in April 2022, Takeuchi wasted no time in implementing strategic decisions that propelled India’s largest carmaker back into the limelight, particularly in the highly competitive SUV segment.

Under his leadership, Maruti Suzuki has not only regained its prominence but has emerged as the undisputed leader in the lucrative SUV market. Key to this success has been the launch of new SUV models such as the Grand Vitara, Fronx, and Jimny.

Autocar Professional’s editor, Ketan Thakkar, emphasizes Takeuchi’s significance in reshaping the company’s fortunes, stating that he “typifies that person” whose larger vision has transformative potential. The acceleration of decision-making processes has been a hallmark of Takeuchi’s tenure, enabling Maruti Suzuki to not only compete but dominate in a segment known for its fierce competition.

A focal point of Takeuchi’s leadership is the ambitious Vision 3.0 program, a strategic roadmap designed to propel Maruti Suzuki to new heights. Thakkar describes Vision 3.0 as “by far the most audacious mid-term goal set by the company.”

This visionary plan outlines the company’s commitment to doubling production capacity and revenues within eight years. Moreover, it aims to triple exports from India, showcasing Maruti Suzuki’s commitment to global markets. The plan also includes an ambitious expansion of the product portfolio, targeting an increase from the current 17 models to an impressive 28.

In an exclusive interview with Autocar Professional, Takeuchi delves into the intricacies of Vision 3.0, outlining the blueprint for Maruti Suzuki’s future. Thakkar suggests that this program could be Takeuchi’s enduring legacy, highlighting his commitment to steering the company toward sustained growth and innovation.

As Maruti Suzuki continues to set new benchmarks under the dynamic leadership of Hisashi Takeuchi, it is evident that his strategic decisions, coupled with the Vision 3.0 program, are not only shaping the company’s destiny but also leaving an indelible mark on the Indian automotive industry as a whole.

His visionary approach and commitment to transformative goals make him a deserving recipient of Autocar Professional’s ‘Man of the Year’ for 2023, solidifying his status as a key architect of Maruti Suzuki’s success story.


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