Top Flowering Plants for the Monsoon Season 


Known for its large, colorful blossoms, hibiscus is a popular choice for gardens. It loves the moisture and warmth of the monsoon season. 


Also known as Frangipani, plumeria produces stunning, fragrant flowers in various colors. It flourishes during the monsoon with ample water and sunlight. 


Marigolds are vibrant and easy-to-grow flowers that come in various shades of yellow, orange, and red. They bloom well in the monsoon and are often used in festive decorations. 


Geraniums are versatile flowering plants that are known for their attractive blooms and aromatic foliage. They can tolerate the increased humidity of the monsoon season. 


Petunias are known for their wide range of colors and prolific blooms. They are sturdy plants that can withstand the rain and continue to flower abundantly during the monsoon 


Zinnias are bright, cheerful flowers that come in a variety of colors. They are relatively low-maintenance and can withstand the rain, making them suitable for the monsoon season. 


Also known as "Moss Rose," portulaca is a drought-tolerant plant that thrives in well-drained soil. It produces vibrant, delicate flowers that bloom beautifully during the monsoon.