5 Essential Health Tips for a Safe Monsoon Season

Taking care of your health during the monsoon season is essential to prevent common illnesses and stay fit. Here are five things you can do to maintain good health during this time: 

Monsoon Season

Drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration during monsoon.

1. Stay Hydrated 

Wash hands frequently and keep surroundings clean to avoid infections.

2. Maintain Personal     Hygiene  

Consume fresh, well-cooked meals and avoid street food or unhygienic food options.

3. Eat Fresh and     Clean Food   

Include immune-boosting foods in your diet and practice regular exercise, sleep, and stress management.

4. Boost Your      Immunity    

Use mosquito repellents, wear protective clothing, and eliminate stagnant water to prevent mosquito-borne diseases.

5. Stay Protected     from Mosquitoes