Top 5 Apple-Producing States in India

Apple-Production In India

India is a significant producer of apples. Its orchards yield high-quality fruits. Favorable climates and fertile soils contribute to successful apple cultivation in the country. 

Jammu and Kashmir 

Jammu and Kashmir is the largest apple-producing state in India. The state contributes around 77.71% of the total apple production in India

Himachal Pradesh 

Himachal Pradesh is a major producer of apples, also known as the apple state of India, accounting for 19.19% of the total apple production in India.


Uttarakhand is a significant contributor to India's apple production, the state produces about 2.52% of the country's apple production.

Arunachal Pradesh 

Arunachal Pradesh, situated in the northeastern part of India, is one of the top apple-producing states in India, contributing 0.32% to the country’s total apple production.


Apple production is the main occupation of most of the tribal people of Nagaland and contributes 0.09% to the total apple production of India.

Top Apple Varieties In India

Ambri Apple ( Kashmiri Apple ) McIntosh apples ( Uttarakhand, UP and Himachal Pradesh ) Other Varieties: Granny Smith, Honeycrisp, Chaubattia Anupam