Miyazaki-Five Fascinating Facts About World's Costliest Mango

Miyazaki Mango

Miyazaki, known as the world's costliest mango renowned for their exceptional quality and flavor, are considered a gourmet delicacy and a symbol of luxury in Japan 

Protected     Geographical     Indication (PGI) Status 

Miyazaki mangoes hold the prestigious status of a Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) in Japan, ensuring their authenticity and quality as only mangoes from Miyazaki Prefecture earn the coveted label.

Rigorous Quality Standards 

Miyazaki mangoes undergo strict quality control measures, They are carefully cultivated and individually hand-picked to maintain the highest quality standards, only mangoes meeting specific criteria designated as Miyazaki mangoes.

Luxurious Gift Culture 

Miyazaki mangoes are often given as luxurious gifts in Japan, beautifully packaged and presented during special occasions and ceremonies.

Unique Cultivation Techniques 

Miyazaki mango farmers employ unique cultivation techniques, such as hand pollination and specialized feeding programs, to enhance flavor and appearance.

Auction Records 

Miyazaki mangoes have fetched record-breaking prices at fruit auctions, with a pair selling for approximately $4,500, making them highly sought after by collectors. 

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Pics Source: Unsplash