World Water Day 2024

Water Day, initiated by the UN in 1993, aims to raise global awareness about water's significance and advocate for its sustainable management.

First observed on March 22, 1993, World Water Day has since evolved into a crucial platform for addressing global water challenges and fostering cooperation.


World Water Day underscores water's critical role in sustaining life, ecosystems, and economies, emphasizing the need for collective action for water security.


The theme "Water for Peace" for 2024 highlights the interconnectedness of water security and global peace-building efforts, promoting cooperation and conflict resolution.


Approximately four billion individuals, which accounts for nearly two-thirds of the global population, endure significant water scarcity for at least one month annually. 

Water Scarcity

On World Water Day, let's commit to protecting water resources, promoting equitable access to clean water, and fostering cooperation for a water-secure future.

Call to Action

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