World Earth Day 2024

World Earth Day is a global initiative aimed at protecting our planet for future generations, urging collective action for environmental preservation.


Originating in 1970, World Earth Day signifies the start of the modern environmental movement, emphasizing the importance of sustainable living and ecological conservation.


Earth Day serves as an annual reminder of the urgent need to safeguard our planet's ecosystems, prompting individuals and governments to take proactive steps towards sustainability.

Theme 2024

With the theme "Planet vs Plastic," World Earth Day 2024 underscores the pressing threat of plastic pollution, rallying efforts to combat this environmental crisis for a cleaner, healthier planet.


Over 8 million tons of plastic enter our oceans annually, posing a severe threat to marine life and ecosystems, highlighting the critical need for concerted action to address plastic pollution.

Call to Action

Fight plastic pollution on World Earth Day 2024. Reduce, reuse, recycle plastic. Support eco-friendly initiatives, advocate for sustainable practices and policies.

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