Vastu's Top 5 Fortune Plants: Energy and Prosperity Boosters! 

According to Vastu Shastra, the ancient Indian architectural system, certain plants are believed to bring positive energy and good fortune to a home or office. Here are five plants commonly associated with good fortune in Vastu 

Vastu Shastra

The Money Plant is believed to attract wealth and prosperity. It is often placed near the entrance or in the southeast corner of a house or office 

1. Money Plant     (Epipremnum      aureum) 

Tulsi is considered sacred in Hinduism and is associated with positive energy and spiritual well-being. Keeping a Tulsi plant in the northeast corner of a house is believed to bring good fortune.

2. Holy Basil     (Tulsi) 

The Bamboo plant is known for its resilience and flexibility. In Vastu, a Bamboo plant symbolizes good luck and prosperity. It is often placed in the east or southeast corner of a space.

3. Bamboo Plant 

The Jade Plant is considered auspicious in Vastu. It is believed to bring financial success and growth. Placing a Jade Plant near the entrance or in the southeast corner of a building is said to attract wealth. 

4. Jade Plant     (Crassula ovata) 

Orchids are renowned for their beauty and elegance. In Vastu, they are associated with love, harmony, and positive energy. Orchids can be placed in the bedroom or in the south or southwest corner of a space to enhance positive vibrations.

5. Orchid