Top 5 Wettest  Places on Earth

1. Mawsynram,        India 

Located in the Indian state of Meghalaya, Mawsynram holds the record for the highest average annual rainfall on Earth. It receives an average rainfall of about 11,871 millimeters (467.4 inches).

2. Cherrapunji,         India 

Also located in Meghalaya, Cherrapunji was previously known as the wettest place on Earth before being surpassed by Mawsynram. It receives an average annual rainfall of around 11,777 millimeters (463.7 inches).

3. Tutunendo,     Colombia 

Located in the Chocó Department of Colombia, Tutunendo experiences extremely high rainfall due to its proximity to the Pacific Ocean and the Chocó rainforest. It receives an average annual rainfall of approximately 11,770 millimeters (463.4 inches).

4. Cropp River,     New Zealand 

Situated on the South Island of New Zealand, the Cropp River area experiences heavy rainfall throughout the year. It receives an average annual rainfall of about 11,516 millimeters (453.8 inches).

5. San Antonio de     Ureca, Bioko     Island, Equatorial     Guinea 

Also referred to as Ureka or Ureca, is a charming village situated in Bioko Sur, Equatorial Guinea. It holds the distinction of being the wettest location across the entire African Continent, receiving an astounding average annual rainfall of 10,450 mm

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Pics Source: Unsplash